Thera-Zyme and Private Label Ordering F.A.Q.

How do I place an order for Thera-Zyme or Private Label products?

Please e-mail or telephone our office at 1-888-337-0511 to add Thera-Zyme or Private Label products to your order.

Why do I have to e-mail or call your office to order Thera-Zyme or Private Label products?

According to new regulations set forth by the makers of Thera-Zyme and Private Label, companies are no longer able to sell these products online.

What if I am also making an order for other products in your online Health Store?

If you are also purchasing other products from our online Health Store, we can take your order for those products at the same time we take your order for Thera-Zyme and Private Label products. This ensures you have only one concise sales receipt and credit card transaction in your records.