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NanoGreens Testimonials

  • ng.jpg"Since I started using NanoGreens 10, I have perceived a positive improvement in my immune system that has allowed me to recover faster after my track workouts. Taking NanoGreens 10 twice a day has provided me with the extra vitamins, fruits and vegetables my body requires to complete my training routine." - Jimmy Pino, Colombian Olympian - 2000 Olympic Games (100-200 meter), Nine-time Colombian record holder, Two Time-South American Champion Coral Gables, FL 04/20/07
  • "I am 57 and have been training very hard for the Ringside World Boxing Championship in August. I plan on winning the heavyweight belt this year! I have been taking NanoGreens10 for a few months now and I have not since been afflicted by the colds and flues that usually surround my day as a practicing dental surgeon. Recently, I have felt an unusual amount of fatigue. However, after increasing my consumption of NanoGreens10 to twice daily and resting, I am feeling my strength return in just 2 days!"
  • "Just to let you know I got a phone call from a friend of a patient who started with NanoGreens10 and cannot believe the results: lost weight, feels great, and wants to talk to her psychiatrist about reducing her medications. She also wants her mother who has diabetes to try it!" - Dr. Jeff Finkelstein Baldwin, NY 03/22/07
  • "Thank you again for NanoGreens10. This is the first winter that I did not get sick and the only thing I have done differently is my NanoGreens10 every morning! My daughter, a snow boarder, is now enjoying it; plus a friend that uses our Endless Pool is now taking every morning and loves it, too!" - Karen Klatt, Consultant for DC Products Review Anderson, SC 03/20/07
  • "This NanoGreens10 stuff is awesome! I have been taking it over the last 2 months and the results for me have been fantastic. I coach baseball, and find myself throwing 200-300 pitches a couple of times per week during batting practice. I have always had shoulder soreness and work-out recovery has always been slow. I have been on "green" supplements for the past three years, starting with "GREENSFirst" and then "New Greens". Neither of those seem to work for me as well as the NanoGreens10. Since beginning the NanoGreens10 regiment, my shoulder recovers in about 24 hours. Before it was 48 hours at best and lots of Advil. I do not take the Advil any more! “ - Juan Samartin, baseball coach Pasadena, CA 04/02/07
  • "When my husband introduced me to NanoGreens10 I was skeptical. I have had some terrible experiences with foul tasting green drinks in the past. But I am delighted to say that NanoGreens10 is unlike anything I have ever tried... in a good way! It is such a delicious way to start the day, and seems to give my skin a vibrant youthful glow. Now I recommend NanoGreens10 to every client who comes through the office!" - Cheri Reeder, RN San Diego, CA 03/28/07
  • "I received the 7 day sample packs and "WOW!" this is a GREAT product! I cannot wait to give my patients, family, and friends a sample pack! They will undoubtedly have the same reaction and will want to purchase more. Thank you for creating such a healthly and great tasting product to promote health." - Ronald E. Mangie, Jr., D.C. Youngstown, OH 03/19/07
  • "I have been using NanoGreens10 in my office for over 2 years. It has increased my energy two-fold and has even actually decreased some grey hair that I have in the past been having. My patients love the taste and usually put a standing order for the next batch that we order so they are assured to get one. My patients feel the results of that much nutrition! Really a phenomenal product!" - Sean Eastman, DC, CCEP, CSFC, CCSP Toms River, NJ 08755 03/02/07
  • "NanoGreens10 is an essential part of the dietary supplementation for the KMA Pacific Southwest AAU Karatedo team. It has been a major factor in the performance and recovery for our athletes both in training and in competition. I strongly recommend NanoGreens 10 to all athletes in both enhancing their overall fitness and maintaining optimal health." - Ferdie Allas, Head Coach KMA Pacific Southwest, AAU/USA Karate Team San Diego, CA 02/28/07
  • "I have been using the NanoGreens10 for 30 days. In all my years of taking vitamins and herbs I can honestly say that I feel like I have more energy just with the NanoGreens10. It's a great product and I am recommending it to all my patients!" - Linda Spencer, LAc, Downingtown, PA 10/13/05