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Designs for Health

If you are seeking supplements that have been professionally developed, thoughtfully sourced, and are backed by science then Designs for Health supplements are for you. Designs for Health was developed in 1989 by a team of nutritionists to provide supplements that enhance, rather than replace, good nutrition.
Designs for Health uses non-GMO ingredients and the attention to ingredient sourcing is apparent in their finished products. Their protein powders easily emulsify and are lightly flavored, they are ready to add to your favorite smoothie. Designs for Health powders are great for a meal on the go that you can feel good about! Ask our staff about their favorite Designs for Health products.

We offer ALL Designs for Health products at great prices!!!  (Here we are only showing a few of their products on our website.)

To order, Call us at 303-845-1827, or email us at 

We are in the office Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 3:00 Mountain Time. We offer free consultations to assist all our customers in choosing the best formulas.