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Soothing Bruised Muscles

Soothing Bruised Muscles - Dianne 
Looking for a cream mixture or poultice for soothing a severly bruised leg. After a friend fell into a manhole in Mexico her leg became severly bruised with bumps in the muscle. Is there anything I could make which would sooth the pain and help heal it?? Any help greatly appreciated.

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Timothy Long
Arnica is always good, I would use both the homeopathic and herbal arnica externally. I would also use Thera-Zyme TRMA.

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Raymond 
Arnica gel, available at health food stores, has helped to relax tight muscles that I have had. (The brand I have is Boericke & Tafel.)

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Jenny 
My aunt tells me that there is an ointment for fibromyalgia called PK5 that they sell in FL at walgreens. I live in KY and cannot find this product could you give me some information on the product and somewhere it can be purchased. thank you

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Susie 
Call you local Walgreen's and ask them to order it from their warehouse. Their warehouse has it, I promise. It is up to the individual Walgreen's to carry it. The okay to carry it has coem from a corporate level. Walgr's is about the only store that carry's it. :)

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Sean M. - TN
Hey I play highschool football and I got my calf muscle stepped on at practice. It is scratched and it feels very tight. is there anything I can do to help it cure fast so I can play football?

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - D. Richter - Canada
Can you tell me where I can find PK5? I'd like to have some sent to me, but I don't know who to contact?

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Laura - Larkhall
Last night 2 boys fell on my leg during a gig, this morning i visited A&E and they said I had bruised muscles, the tablet doesn't seem 2 have helped, plz help me out here!

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Barnie 
Arnica gel is great. Very soothing and bruises seem to disappear more quickly.

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Frenica 
I fell on my left hand and the muscles went into to tramua,know they hurt badly. I can't grasp things or move my hand too much. What should I do? ( I already tried soaking it in warm epsom salt water)

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Timothy Long 
Frenica - have a doctor check this out. You have a bundle of nerves, not to mention a bunch of little bones, some ligaments, muscle, tendons, etc. that may have been damaged. Don't toy around with losing your dexterity.

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Diane - Zephyrhills Fl
I fell 10 days ago and landed flat on my upper arm - am getting severe spasms at times -any suggestions?? Or is it time that is needed??

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Timothy Long
I would suggest you have it looked at by a chiropractor.

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Charlie - AZ
After running crosscountry in highshcool I contracted shinsplints, where the muscle seperates from the bone due to the running action I guess. My frend recomended Arnica gel. He said It made a pain in his knee that he had for 2weeks go away in a couple of days... I wounder if that would happen for me. Cuz running hurts at the moment, even walking. Thnx Guys and Gals.

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Jeanette
I fell heavily onto a protruding door knob a few days ago hitting my lower left arm. It swelled immediately to about twice its size but did not bruise. It is now day 4, the swelling has subsided but I cannot pick up anything heavier than a piece of paper without it causing me pain. I also get pins and needles in my finger tips from not using it. I have tried various creams, massage and elevation to help it mend but nothing has helped and I am sick of taking pain killers. Any suggestions.

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Neen 
I bruised my muscles in my buttocks. I don't know the proper name. I fell down some stairs hitting 4 steps with my buttocks. and have a fractured tailbone. Nut it is my buttocks that hurt more than anything else . What can I do?

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Susan - California
I was just at the Walgreens in Oxnard, California looking for PK5 and was told that it is now a discontinued item. Does anyone know where else to obtain any?

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Timothy Long
PK5 was put out of business. Check out our web site for products that will help with inflammation, muscle and joint problems. We offer many natural supplements that people find very helpful. See Thera-Zyme TRMA, Thera-Zyme MSCLR, Premier OsteoVen and more in our store.

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Mary - Waynesville, MO
I have used PK5 and it is great for Fibro and any muscle pain. Wal Mart use to carry, but no longer. I have used for several years while driving an 18 wheeler for my knees. I can not find it anymore. Does anyone know where you can buy PK5 now???

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Roberta - Wisconsin
I'm looking for PK5 also. I was using it for neuropathy. I use to buy it at Walgreen Drug Store, but it has been discontinued.

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Jenelle 
Regarding the PK5, I found a tiny sentence or two on various sites that stated the FDA has stopped the production of this item. Such a shame. However, a couple simple solutions that your friend could try. A warm bath with decaf tea bags in it and regular sea salt. Tannic Acid (in the tea) has been used for centuries in treating inflammation and of course we have many supplements to choose from to help initiate the healing within in our online store. I hope your friend feels better soon. :)

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Penny - Arkansas
do you have any idea where you can get pk5

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Maureen - CA
As I was opening a kitchen cabinet door I hit my eye on the upper eyelid corner (bone part) very hard. Have gone to dr., have iced packed it, warm compresses, taken Motrin, has been 1 week, 1 day, today and although it looks normal, bone is still swollen to the touch and the skin is thick and a little hard. Felt a small hard ball on the bone, and now it is smaller. What is a good natural remedy to finish this healing to normal? Desperate!!

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Sharon - Merrimack
It appears that PK5 has gone out of business. Does anyone know where to get some?

Re:Soothing Bruised Muscles - Jenelle
Hey There Everyone! PK5 is no longer. Check out the Estore for some of the items like: Thera-Zyme TRMA, Premier Nucleo Immune, and Coconut Oil. Generally speaking, rubbing oil on the location of the bruise can help with inflammation and reabsorbing the hematoma. We will also soon have other items that would really benefit those with bruising. Thanks!