Sugar Tolerance or Intolerance?

Sugar Tolerance or Intolerance?

Sugar Tolerance or Intolerance? - Bill - Nevada
Ok. I have an insasiable appetite for sugar. I can be stuffed from a great meal but sill desire something sugary afterwards. I really don't have any bad reactions unless I eat a crazy amount of sugar. That craving is generally not easily satisfied. So I tend to eat too much sugar foods like cake, cookies, icecream, etc. My best defense is to have no deserts in the house. What can help kick the sugar. I had eliminated sugars in the past but they creap back in. Is there a Thera-Zyme enzime that can reduce the sugar cravings?

Sugar Tolerance or Intolerance? - Timothy Long -
Absolutely, I have seen this resolved often. The problem is you do not digest sugar and carbs well. They do not break down into glucose properly so your body and brain lack energy. Therefore you crave more sugar. Loomis Pan (formerly named Thera-Zyme Pan) is the best enzyme formula for this long term. Loomis/Thera-Zyme SvG can give you a lot of extra help and support for a few months while you get things under control. You also need probiotics. Probiotics play a major role in sugar and carb digestion. See Premier Probiotic Caps, Loomis/Thera-Zyme SmI, or Delpro. You might need more help to resolve this issue. Though this will be a very good start. Consider doing the Loomis 24 Hr Urinalysis and having a consult for more indepth help.


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