Our Commitment to Protect and Preserve the Environment 

We have adopted the following practices in order to help reduce our impact on the environment and preserve natural resources:  

  • We recycle and reuse all packing materials sent to us from our suppliers

  • We only purchase recycled packaging that can be recycled or reused again

  • Our Eco Bubble Mailers have 2 adhesive tabs. This allows for you to reuse them for returns or exchanges, or for another use

  • Our Eco Bubble Mailers can be recycled at your local grocery bag drop off and/or wherever plastic bags are accepted

  • We avoid using materials unnecessarily

  • We reduce our paper needs by printing double-sided whenever possible

  • We reuse scrap paper for message-taking instead of purchasing message pads

  • We recycle all excess paper and cardboard boxes


Why Recycled Content Matters

Goods made with recycled content use less energy, water, and create less pollution. This is true for every type of material (plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, etc) and this analysis accounts for the energy required to pick up, sort and distribute the recycled goods to manufacturers. Most of us recognize RECYCLING as a key way to protect the planet. When you recycle something (after trying to reuse it of course), you enable those raw materials to be utilized again and keep goods out of the landfill. 

Not everyone recognizes the value you have as a consumer when you purchase from eco-friendly businesses committed to only using recycled materials and reducing waste whenever possible. Shopping with eco-friendly businesses is a sure way to lower your environmental impact. At Long Natural Health we are vigilant about our recycling efforts to keep this planet clean for future generations. As a consumer, you hold the responsibility to be conscious of the products you buy, use and dispose of.


Find out where you can recycle our EcoBubble Mailers HERE.