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Thyroid Discussion

Thyroid Discussion

Thyroid - Timothy Long -
Here are some of the causes of low thyroid and health problems caused by low thyroid: Causes: High estrogen. Estrogen is everywhere and estrogenic compounds are everywhere; in our milk, milk products, meats and meat products, in and on our vegetables and fruits in the form of pesticides and herbicides, in plastics we come in contact with, in the water chlorine and fluoride, fluoride in your toothpaste, birth control pills, etc. It is stored in the liver, bones, muscles and fats cells. This is one of the reasons for the skyrocketing rate of breast cancer. Polyunsaturated oils are another cause of low thyroid. Not only have people been convinced to use them on their food, but the meat and milk and eggs today have this polyunsaturate fat due to it being fed to the animals (best to eat organic free range or wild animal products). The majority of all this has taken place over the past sixty years. High estrogen and low thyroid are perfect conditions for many diseases and illness. Symptoms include low body temperature, fatigue, headaches, menstrual problems, low blood sugar, PMS, menopause symptoms, miscarriage, low IQ, concentration and memory problems, low immunity, hair loss, overweight and underweight problems, criminal behavior, emotional and mental problems, depression, increased viruses, increased fungus, yeast, and parasites problems.  

Re:Thyroid - avadhoot - belgaum
sir, i am safering memory problem.that iam not remembering any thing,what i read.i have exams please healp me

Re:Thyroid - Fran - Bonita Springs, FL.
What is in the natural thyroid capsules, and how do they help?

Re:Thyroid - mattew - australia
Hi folks! i have suffered horribly since 17 myself with hypothrodism. Insomina, no appetite and eczema!!! So i know thyroid well. my temperature is low (below 98.6 C) which should be normal body temp for 100% healthy people. Below it and we SUFFER! btw that test for thyroid with thermoter can be WRONG. i had a willing doctor and a T4 dose at 50 mcg i went HYPER thyroid. Fair Warning here people. That test also tests PITURITY (Growth Hormone) and ADRENALS (Dhea) Output. As in my case low body temps FROM adrenals. low adrenals and thyroid feedback SLOWS DOWN to HYPO levels. i would recommend people start at 5 mg Pregenolone floating around on the web and past 1 month increase it 5 mg each month until body temperature rises into normal 98.6 C. btw for people on the board it benefits memory the MOST! Anyone interested in my point email me! Hope that helps

Re:Thyroid - Susie - Australia
Suspect I am suffering with Hypothyroidism and will be having blood tests this week. Would like to know what blood test is the most reliable as I have heard that the standard test doesn't always reveal the problem. Also, I am interested in natural substances to help treat this condition. Can anyone advise me of such

Re:Thyroid - mojca - slovenia
Can anyone advise me some natural substances to treat the problem of hypothyroidism? Please email me. Thank you.

Re:Thyroid - Pat
Does reverse T3 affect children? Have there been any studies on this? Thanks/Pat

Re:Thyroid - Dave - Australia
I have low body temperature, cold hands, tiredness etc. but my body is underweight...this must surely rule out hypothyroidism?....thyroid tests have sugested that everything is normal....can my symptoms be connected to a hyperactive thyroid which may have gone undetected in the thyroid test? or are there any cases where an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) has been responsible for low body weight? Any advice would be most welcome.

Re:Thyroid - Gram - usa
can someone help with info re: thyroid and tremors of the hands? I have been using Armor thyroid for 20 years.

Re:Thyroid - Jeanine - New York
I have been on synthroid for 3 years for hypothroidism and last blood check about 6 months ago was good.I'm eating better than I have my whole life and exercising more than I have my whole life yet I'm not seeing results like I think I should.Is it possible lack of weight loss is due to throid? If so is there anything I could do to start the weight loss? Also I find I'm getting extremly tired about 5 :00pm even if my activity level for the day is very low. Any help you can give is appreciated.

Re:Thyroid - Shi-Li - Lynnwood, WA
im 18 and female and i've lost 30 pounds from my thyriod. i,ve had it for 1 year and a a size 3 in pants. i went to my doctor and im getting Radioiodine and its going to kill my thyroid. thats cool, but im going to gain all the weight back that i lost. im depressed. i like being small. i was 150, now im 120. i like my size. any other way to help would be helpful.

Re:Thyroid - Mala - Chennai
dear sir/madam, I had tests taken for throid did functioning but everything was normal but inspite of that i have fatigue &body pain through out the day. I am slightly overweight also.what can be the reason for this? thank you mala

Re:Thyroid - Kathryn 
I have been taking synthroid for 17 years. I wanted to change to armour but my doctor said, "why do you want to take something from an animal. Who knows what they may have." So I didn't change but I don't want to take a chemical....any suggestions....thanks

Re:Thyroid - Nat - NY
hi my names tasha I have a thyroid problem i just found out about i went on synthroid and it made me more sick. Ive lost lots of weight. I have 2 goiters and the doctors are trying to see what they can do to get it away i just want to feel better!!

Re:Thyroid - Yvonne - Roanoke, VA
i had overactive thyroid and i took the iodine, now i am underactive and take synthroid, will i ever get it regulated right

Re:Thyroid - Terry - Oklahoma
hi i have been told i have a hyperactive thyroid i have done the radioactive scan and now they tell me i need a biopsy because i have a warm lobe and some desrepences can anyone help me to understand what is going on the only medicine im taking is metoperol because they say my thryoid is making my heart beat to fast thanks

Re:Thyroid - Wanda - North Fork, CA
What is a natural thyroid medication

Re:Thyroid - Timothy Long -
We have excellent natural thyroid support supplements on this website. 

Re:Thyroid - Brian - Massachusetts
I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and am not too keen on some of the treatment options (ie radioactive iodine or using a drug for a long time). Anyone know a holistic doctor or someone else who can treat this somewhat naturally?

Re:Thyroid - Amy - New York
I have been to the doctors several times and had my thyroid checked. They say that I have no problems, but my sister has hypothyroid, I have been gaining weight, sleeplessness, tiredness, seems that I have all the symptoms but the tests come up negative. Any suggestions

Re:Thyroid - Sara - Indiana
I have a problem a lot like Dave-Australia. I have very cold hands and feet, and my body temp is always low (around 96-97), but for a very long time I was under weight. The only difference is that I had a thyroid test, and it showed a little hyperthyroid. Now I am beginning to gain weight, but I am still always hungry. The doctor that did the thyroid test just told me to ignore the hyper, but my question is, did the hyper end up killing part of my thyroid so I am now hypo, but the hunger is still there from the hyper? The temperature thing has to be wrong sence I am always cold. I am very sensitive to cold, AND heat as well. Can anyone please give me suggestions of what I should do next?

Re:Thyroid - Sara - Arizona
In the past year, I have noticed a change in my body such as fatigue unlike the "normal" kind just from every day activities. I have also noticed that my hair is so dry and is falling out while washing and brushing it. I've noticed a slight change in my weight(probably due to my lack of energy). I have read some things on hypothyroid, but don't really no where to begin. My blood test came back normal. Is there someplace where I can start finding out what I can do. I feel sick all the time and am just tired of feeling sick and tired. Thanks

Re:Thyroid - Lisa - Illinois
Okay, here's my question. I seem to have a regular basal temp. My thyroid levels are fine (even lower fine) but I actually have 98% of ALL of the HYPOthyroid symptoms and its really beginning to upset me. Has anyone out there had these problems? Please help. Thanks. ps sick of all of my hair breaking off and falling out and gaining weight especially. Thanks

Re:Thyroid - Ruth - Arizona
I am still losing my hair after taking unithroid for about 2 years. Can anyone help?

Re:Thyroid - Patty - Missouri
I have had an underactive thyroid for 25yrs. A year & a half ago it suddenly went way overactive. Since then My Dr. has had a hard time getting it to stay normal. Two weeks ago I had both ovaries taken out because of a tennis ball size tumor on one of them. What I was wondering is could there be a connection between the two?

Re:Thyroid - JP
i have a overactive thyriod, and i took the radioactive treatment. its been 2 weeks now, and i still have the symptoms. my heart is going crazy still. please help me. this doctors cant explain to me what the hell is going on. jp

Re:Thyroid - Barbara - Alberta, Canada
i take atlace 5mg,metoprolo50mg,lipitor10mg,novasen325mg,tiazac240mg,and a 125mg of thyroid and sometimes i feel good and sometimes i dont the doc the other day put my thyroid med down to60mg wow still feel the same can you tell me waht to do

Re:Thyroid - Shauna - New York
i have overactive thyriod for sbout 3 months and this is the second time i had to swith my medicine. Can any1 clue me in on relaxing exercise. Thanks

Re:Thyroid - jodie - Toledo
I have been on synthroid and thyrolar for about 4 years.Now thyrolar is no longer available. Any suggestions? I just don't feel right. back to feeling like I'm in a cocoon.

Re:Thyroid - Ann - P.A
how do one heal who is hypo and become independant of medication?

Re:Thyroid - tammie - Singapore
I have an overactive thyroid and have started medication for about 5 weeks. Recently, I noticed that my weight has been increasing even though I haven't been eating more than the usual amounts. I have increased by about 4-6 pounds. Why is that so? In fact the current weight that I'm at is way past the weight that I was at in the past 3 years. This is really depressing. Why is that happening?

Re:Thyroid - Ali - Saudi Arabia
I am a male.I have a hypothyroidism since 10 years do you think that this condition can affect my sexual life and how

Re:Thyroid - Diane - Denver
I have hypothyroid and have taken levothyroxin for 11 years. Since this condition cycled in at age 40, I believe I can let go of it, also. The body simply responds to what the consciousness is holding. I was able to drop down the dose through self healing, but not let go of it entirely. I was wondering if I combined a dose of 50mcg levothyroxin with your natural thyroid compound, and the adrenal complex- would that be ok. I really want to reduce my dependency on a physician and drug companies. They tend to control my life too much. Also, my present doc is a total scientist, and cannot move beyond the paradigm of medicine to support my efforts of self healing.

Re:Thyroid - Skye - Australia
I am 16 yrs old and last year i found out i have hypothyriodism. I also suffer from alot of the symtoms and find it hard to live like a normal teenage girl. I would love to here from anyone with similar problems. I feel very alone.

Re:Thyroid - Mae - Florida
I need to know what kinds of natural healing supplyments can be purchased over the counter that will shrink thyroid?

Re:Thyroid - Jenn - New York, NY
I have been Hypo for a while, my Dr. put me on .1 Synthroid. I am overweight and was praying that this would help my metabolism, seeing as though I eat very very healthy. I have been on it for about 2 months, its not helping. Does anyone know if Armor works better for the weight gain?

Re:Thyroid - Janice - Cleveland, Ohio
I have many symptoms that I have read are due to hypothyroidism: mainly low appetite, low metabolism, low body temperature, swollen tonge, speech problems, fatigue, a bit of depression, a nodule in the thyroid. I have not been able to find a doctor who will do extensive thyroid tests and treat me with a natural medication (Armour). Is there any doctor to help me in the Cleveland, Ohio area? I need to be helped very soon. I would like to have a great deal of information. Thank you.

Re:Thyroid - alice - North Carolina
Well, I have been suffering from hypothrodism for about 7yrs. I had hyperthroidism first and would lose 90lbs up and down for a while until they found that i was hyperthyroidism. Then they kill my thyriod with (RAL). And I've been going down hill every since. Now i have hypothyroidism and my body temp is 97.1. I can't seem to do anything but gain weight and my doctor see this and don't address the issue. But when they take my level's they say they are normal. It can be 99 degree's out side and I will not sweat. I have not sweated in so long. I never sweat I need help. Please response soon with any answers you may have.

Re:Thyroid - caryl - Simi Valley CA
Where can you get a good natural grain thyriod medication.

Re:Thyroid - Kai - Honolulu
Does anyone know of a natural therapy for hyperactive thyroid?

Re:Thyroid - Andy - Canada
Does anyone know natural medicine for under active thyroid that works! Please help!

Re:Thyroid - Nilesh - Jersey City, NJ
I have Hypothyroidism Hosimotothyroidism. I have sever pain in my wrist, fingers, thumb, and foot. I am taking levoxil, after taking levoxil my blood report is normal, but I still have pain almost each and every small joint, it resembles rematoid arthritis. Please help.

Re:Thyroid - Mary - palm springs CA
i take livathorid i need something natural please help

Re:Thyroid - Mary - SC
What is a good food menu for an overactive thyroid. I am now 157 lbs, Idon't want to regain nor do I want to keep losing weight.What herb can I take?

Re:Thyroid - Yvette - Virginia
what type of herb can i take for an overactive thyroid. i dont want to have surgery or take radioactive iodine. and i dont want to gain any weight back that ive lost. thanks

Re:Thyroid - Gemma - Scotland
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to get the thyroid test that is more accurate. I have been tested several times by my GP but it comes back negative each time. I have been ill for two years now and am now a coeliac and may have fibromalygia. I have almost all the symptoms of having thyroid problems and it runs in my family. I'm 23 and becoming iller and losing weight all the time. I am now under weight and this makes me iller. I can no longer lead the life i want.

Re:Thyroid - Timothy Long -
Concerning posts from people with over active thyroids. The need is to detoxify your bodies of metals and chemicals. The Extended Health Heart Detox/Oral Chelation is very good for this. Also, use green food powders like Premier Greens Powder. And feed your thyroid good nutrition. See Premier ThyroVen. We have a number of excellent natural thyroid support supplement on our website. 

Re:Thyroid - aecha - manteca, ca
everytime i exercise,i became so extreme fatigue,and coulnt' funtion for about 1week at a time. is there any relationship between exercise and thyroid?

Re:Thyroid - Sheila - Pennsylvania
Hello, I have an underactive thyroid, I was put on synthroid, and was on it for a little over a year. I went off of it on my own because I did not feel any better on it and I know in the long run you could lose bone density. Any information you could give me would be much appreciated. I really do not want to have to go back on any medication and I am worried if I don't find something nautrally that will work, I will have to. Thaks for any help you can give me.

Re:Thyroid - Parveen - Kuala Lumpur
Hi, thanks for being there. I wish to to know whether I can take alpha lipoic acid for the pain in my fingers. I am on medical treatment of neomacazole5 for a hyperactive thyriod.Could there be any effectgs of taking the 2 at the same time?

Re:Thyroid - Barbaraa Darby
I would like information on Wilson Syndrome and treatment.

Re:Thyroid - Steve - North Olmsted Ohio
My Doctor thinks I'm crazy but I know for a fact that I have a low thyroid problem Everyday I feel cold and tired with memory loss,weight gain,headahes,digestive problems,insomia,ringing in the ears,lack of energy,fatigue,sinus problems,exessive sweat,hot and cold,dry skin,cuts that willn't go away feel sick to my stomach all the time.What I can I do to get better and fast What kind of natural product can I get from my local health store I would like information on Wilson Syndrome and Treatment I'm tired of being sick and tired all the time Please Help Me if you could because I'm running out of answers Please Reply Back

Re:Thyroid - Barbara - Hialeah Gardens, Florida
My mom, dad and I suffer from thyroid desease, I had surgery, by mom is taking synthroid, my dad is not, and I dont, because it does not make me feel good and I just dont. I would like natural healing products or things to eat rather taking the med. My mom has some tumors but they are okey so far, so please help us! Thanks!!!!

Re:Thyroid - Jaime - Palatine, IL
I just got diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I see a holistic doctor. He suggested I go on ArmourER to help with my large amount of symtoms. I have very similiar symptoms as everyone on this website. My question is, does this medication really work and will it help me with weight loss too? I follow the Zone-Diet and I am a vegetarian so this is pretty frustrating for me not to feel good and to be have gained weight. I appreciate any helpful feedback. I do hope everyone finds peace with their medication. Take care and thank you!

Re:Thyroid - diana - New York
I am in the process of getting off Syntriod. I been on it for 5 yrs. When I first when on this med. I was starting to have seizures very bad, but the specialist didn't believe me. I am on other meds to control my seizures, no doctor cared, all they want to do is medicate or surgery (brain) I am trying to find a doctor who work with Armor thyriod. I live on New York,Long Island

Re:Thyroid - Abbie - Alabama
I have been hypothyroid for probably 10 years, and just started seeing an Endo. about a year and a half ago. Just this week, I have finally begged him enought to let me try the Cytomel (T3) along with my Synthyroid (.88 mg) How long before I start to feel better and notice improvement in my joint pains and aches, and with hopefully loosing some weight. I exercise some everyday. (at least 5 x' a week. Would appreciate anyone's suggestion.

Re:Thyroid - Diane - Scotland
i have underactive thyriod i have it for three yrs can anyone help me get my weight down thanks diane

Re:Thyroid - Ellen - Illinois
I have had low thryriod for over 10 years . I have become resistant to all thryriods but compound t3. My thryriods meds are needing to be increased yearly. Any ideas what can assist to stabilize. Before I goton t3 my memory was going bad. My memory came back after I strted on t3. Please don't write unless you have additional info. info on t3 and wisons symdrame is on there web.

Re:Thyroid - Pam - Cambrigde UK
About 6 yrs ago i was dignosed with graves.i was treated with the block and replace using carbmazole and levothyroxin it went after 18mts or so an i was ok for nearly 2 yrs but now it is back. my doctor wants me to have the iodine radation treatment but iam worried if this is safe. i would like to hear from anyone who has had this treatment.

Re:Thyroid - Sheila - NFLD
i have low thyriod,i am regulated but i can't seem to lose any weight,is it possible to lose weight, what foods should i avoid?

Re:Thyroid - Naznin - Dhaka , Bangladesh
Dear sir, I am suffering hypothyroid since 3 years & last TSH test has done before 8 months.I have lost my weight.As per doctor prescription I am continuing two orexin pills. but recently I feel my body temper is high also I feel cold and tired with memory loss,weight loss,headahes,digestive problems,insomia,ringing in the ears,lack of energy,sinus problems,exessive sweat,hot and cold,dry skin,cuts that willn't go away feel sick to my stomach all the time.What I can I do to get better please help me! Pls reply me details Thanks!!!!

Re:Thyroid - Earlena - Michigan
It has been recently discovered that I have a mass (nodule) in my Thyroid. I had the biopsy...benign. My doctor prescribed the Synthroid for me. I took only one pill as directed and became almost violently ill, throwing up and filling faint after about 10 minutes of taking my first and only pill. I am looking for a holistic approach to assist in shrinking this mass. My holistic doctor is on a sabatical traveling around the world and I would appreciate any information available regarding the Holistic methods of recovery. Thank you!

Re:Thyroid - Nilo - California
Hello sir, I am suffering from Hypothyroid since 7 years.i was taking synthyroid for the past 6 years.but recently i am going to a new doctor he gave me triiodo-thyronine(t3).i am also taking cortisol for my adrenal,dhea and some other supplements. but i didn't find any better results.i am oerweight and i didn't reduce any weight.i am worried about this and taking lots of pills each day is very much irritating me.i want some remedy for this. Thank You.

Re:Thyroid - Jana - Searcy, AR
My daughter has eczema under her lip and has spread to her chin and the side of her nose. A holistic Dr. said she might have Wilson syndrome. She does have a few symptoms. He said to take Kelp. Is this what you would recommend? She is just 11yrs old and needs some relief on her face.

Re:Thyroid - audrey - england
i have had an underactive thyroid for 4 years and now i am on the right leave of med,i put on nearly 4 stone before the doctor's found out,they told me i would lose most of my weight but 6 months later with the right dose i am the still the same weight and not lost a pound,could you please give me some information in how to lose the weight and what food will help. thanks

Re:Thyroid - Edna - Memphis
i was told i had hyperthyroid about a year ago. my t3 and t3 level was 12.2 and 3.4. something like that. my hair started thinning. so my dr. put on propylthiouracial. i am doing ok. what i need to know do anyone have a pluse beat in you neck?

Re:Thyroid - Meagan - AZ
I'm 24 and recently went in for some health issues regarding cervical cancer, my doc tested my blood and I was informed my thyroid is low. My Grandma has the same problem and she says I will have to take a medication the rest of my life. What are the symptoms of having low thyroid? I read up on some things but I'm still confused as to what I am facing. My biggest question is in what natural way can I help this low thyroid? I'm not a fan of prescriptions. Thanks, Meg AZ

Re:Thyroid - Beth - Massachusetts
HI I have been on synthroid for 6 years now for hypothyroid disease. I am havin the hardest time losing weight. I have thinning hair on top of my head. I'm so sick of it and try so hard to lose weight. I've been told by my dr. that my blood is within normal range and i should feel like cleaning my windows. well hello i have no energy and am tired all the time. I have not felt like cleaning one window. Help?

Re:Thyroid - Pam - Albuquerque
Just had a biopsy today on a nodule on my thyroid. A little scary, but trusting that everything will turn out OK. I am suprised to find all the thousands of symptoms I have had, all related to my thyroid problem. I, too, and looking for a natural, holistic way to shrink or disolve the nodule on my thyroid, once the biopsy confirms that it is benign. Help?

Re:Thyroid - Barbara - Illinois
I became resistant to synthroid & armour thyroid. Dr. Mason in Powell, Ohio assisted me with a T3 thyroid. T3 has helped me tremendously and has made all the difference to good health again!!

Re:Thyroid - Ellen - Illinois
I have had low thryriod for over 10 years . I have become resistant to all thryriods but compound t3. My thryriods meds are needing to be increased yearly. Any ideas what can assist to stabilize. Before I goton t3 my memory was going bad. My memory came back after I strted on t3. Please don't write unless you have additional info. info on t3 and wisons symdrame is on there web. please take this off the web it is written badly Ellen please correct with new info and better writting and delete the other please

Re:Thyroid - Brenda - Huntsville
I hve hypothyriod and i am tired all the time difficulty remembering and retaining information how also overweight how can one can get rid of these symptoms for good and become completely healed of this condition and what specialist should be seek out I have been diagnose with this condition for about ten years nothing much have change since i have been on medication what other treatments that are out there i spoke with someone who had this condition he was treated with iodine and synthyiod no longer suffer with hypothyriodism what can i do I use to be a very energetic person who did not suffer with weight now i am forty-three i want my life back

Re:Thyroid - Pamela - Missouri
does thyroid affect the eyes

Re:Thyroid - Vidhya - Chennai
how to reduce weight

Re:Thyroid - Cathy - USA
Actually I am finding many good and reasonably priced herbal products for hypothyroid for ex: botanic choice has a Thyroid Complex and so does theherbsplace have thyroid support. However, I have only found 2 hyperactive thyroid herbal supplements: hyposmooth which only contains 3 ingredients for almost 40 dollars and one that contains bladderwort that has been contraint(sp) for cardiac problems. Could someone suggest a formulation that not only blocks the overactive thyroid, but helps with symptoms such as insomnia, and holding water and high blood pressure and helps to lose weight(uncommon, yes, i know).

Re:Thyroid - Cathy - USA
correction-I am going to try ThyroSoothe from nativeremedies and will let you know if it helps and/or solves the problem just as some testimonials say it does.

Re:Thyroid - Marg - TN
Does anyone know what supplements to take that will shrink a benign nodule on the thyroid? Thanks for any help

Re:Thyroid - Melissa - S.C. USA
I have a son who is 7 yrs. now .He has been on synthyroid sence he was3 months.He still has low body temp.very over weight,sensitive to cold and hot sweats all the time.HIS PSh is to high. His dosage is changed atleast once sometimes twice a year.HE also is developementaly delayed and has a learning disablity.He has a speech delay also drools very badly.I was wondering if he could of been misdiagnosed.I am leaning toward Wilsons syndrome it causes the liver to hold copper and not release it.Thank you Let me know if any one has any info.

Re:Thyroid - Aimee - Washington state
Dr. Brownstein and also my Internist say that most thyroid problems are caused by Iodine Deficiency. I took the Iodine Deficiency 24 hr urine test and found that I am at 60 and it should be at 150...! So, I am now loading iodine (Iodoral, which is a capsule equal to Lugol's), and, since, I am now Hypo (originally had Graves'), I am on Bio-Thyroid, which is a compounded natural product which is just like Armour, but, it is NOT from a pig and it is standardized, which Armour is not. Synthroid is a really bad drug to take. My sister stopped taking it because she got insomnia from it and it also can cause heart attacks.

Re:Thyroid - Tina - California
from hypothyroidism for the past year. I am 49 years old, I have gained 15 pounds this past year, I suffer with pain in my right wrist, knee, ankle and heel joint pain, fatigue, trier quickly, headaches, sinus issues. I'm taking 0.1 mg of Levothroid. It has helped a little but I do not feel 100%. I would like to have more enery and lose the weight that I have gained. I already work out regularly. I eat healthy for the most part. I live close to a GNC store. Please let me know if you have found a successful product for energy and weight loss. Thank you

Re:Thyroid - Rachel - Cleveland, Ohio
Did you ever find a Dr. in Cleveland who prescribes Cytomel? Please email me if you did. Thanks!

Re:Thyroid - Tosh - IN
I was woundering 1 what a natural thyriod med might be and 2 if it is possible to regulate your self, I am hypo and have been seven years

Re:Thyroid - Tyler - Canada
I have a lower tyroid problem and have gained weight, i am on medications. What else can I do to lose weight

Re:Thyroid - Joe - Huntington Beach
I HAVE HYPER ACTIVE I cant gain weight can someone help me on finding someone to calm my thyroid and gain weight.

Re:Thyroid - Jan - Augusta, GA
please send info

Re:Thyroid - Jenelle 
To everyone requesting how to self treat their thyroid issues: These conditions are very individually based. You are more than welcome to ask and discuss but as far as what to do and how to do it, though you really need to work directly with a natural health practitioner. 

Re:Thyroid - David - Brooklyn, NY
Hypothyroidism can be CURED relatively easily by drinking a tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning and evening. Use organic coconuts for faster results or organic store bought coconut oil from a health food store. Coconut oil contains capryllic acid and lauric acid. Capryllic acid and Lauric acid kills herpes and other viruses and the parasitic yeast Candida Albicans. Don’t worry about fats in coconut oil as it is an essential fatty acid and is completely burned and utilized by the body. These acids, capryllic and lauric acid, stimulate thyroid production. Kelp and Dulse are rich in Iodine and other organic elements that stimulates the thyroid gland. The liver converts t4 to t3 which are thyroid hormones. If the liver isn’t functioning properly then do a liver/gallbladder flush and this will help the liver to convert t4 to t3. Stop using Iodized salt. It ablates the thyroid gland. In addition, infections cause hypothyroidism. Candida Albicans causes hypothyroidism.