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Thyroid Medications - Graves Disease

Thyroid Medications, Graves Disease

Hi, I have a few questions on Thyroid. Approximately 20 years ago I was diagnosed with Graves. At that time the doctor did surgery and removed 7/8 of my thyroid. It was expected the 1/8 left would work up to normal. It did not. I have been on Thyroid (synthroid) for about 18 or 19 years now. I am tested every year. Problem: Yes, I am over weight, but, I think that his my fault. I have tingleing in my hands that goes away only why I drop them to my side. I do have carpel tunnel syndrom (the right is the worst) but needed to know if this might have anything to do with my thyroid, since hand tremors was part of my graves at the time. I am tired all the time, maybe because I am to fat. I guess I am also afraid of parkinsons!!! It is only my hands and it scares me. I have had a stress test for the heart and all seems o.k. Any ideas. Thanks Vicki

Hi, What I forgot to ask above is this, If this is not caused by my thyroid or carpel tunnel, what are some of the other things that can cause the symptoms of tingleing in the hands. I guess I am real scared of something such as parkinson. Thanks Vicki

You should have a good doctor help you determine what the problem is. with the tingling. I would start with a chiropractic physician or osteopath. Concerning your thyroid, you would be better off using natural thyroid along with a good diet to support your thyroid instead of taking Synthroid.

I recently had tingling in just my fingertips. I have also been on Synthroid o.1MG per day for 3 years now. Sometimes I forget to take it or take it too soon after ingesting food. I am not overweight nor have I ever been. I've never had any symptoms either. The condition was discovered by an annual blood workup related to a general physical. I also take Estrodial and Pravacol for high cholesterol and trigliserides. My doctor doesn't want me to quit taking any of these meds. Should he check for something else? Thanks, Joan

Re:THYROID MEDS/GRAVES -OTHER SYMPTOMS - angela - washington state
I am on synthroidand have been for almost 2 years. what is a natural form of thyroid - the name of and whats this about synthroid destroying the thyroid?

I am interested in buying Armour Thyroid or natural thyroid for a low thyroid. Do you see it? B.E,

i'm sleepy all the time and overweight when i don't eat much i seem to keep putting on weight and have no enrgy i have even worked out 4 or 5 times a week nothing seems to help could this be a thyroid issue.

I have had graves since 1990 they took out my they took out my thyroid out. I went in to a thyarid storm.but i am still haveing trouble with the levels. I go up and down. and now I am showing sings of loupis but the Dr said it waas comeing from to much thirold. So i do not know where to go. any help out there? thanks for reading my letter.

Hello I was just diagnosed with hyperactive thyroid today...After reading alot of stuff on the internet I'm scared.I will be getting married to the man of my dreams in a couple weeks....I keep reading that having a baby can cause mental retardation or deformalities....we don't have kids and I've waited for the perfect I'm scared.What do I expect?

I have been on synthroid since 1980's. This year they have changed my dose 4 times. Now I am on .125mg and due to have blood test next Monday I have been sick with one thing after another for the last 3 years. In the last two months I have developed high blood pressure and I just feel sick. Two weeks ago I started having allergic reactions to nothing that I can come up with. I have hives, swelling of my cheeks and lips, and just feeling awful. I have been on benadryl for several days. My husband and I that this is my thyriod. I am hypo-thyroid. I would like the doctor to consider killing what is left of my thyriod. I had a tumor in 1970 and had most of my thyriod taken out? How do you feel about killing the thyriod.

I have under active thyroid diagnosed 10 years ago. In my case it is hereditary, all the female side of the family have had it. 4/5 years ago, I developed psoriasis, my feet looked as if they had been slashed with a knife, making it almost impossible for me to walk,the palms of my hands were raw and bleeding. I discovered that I have an allergy to steroid creams(after heated discussions with the specialist,and skin tests)he had to agree with me this he said was unusual!I maintained at the time, that something internal was causing my problems, which included tingling in my hands, numbness and tingling down my rightside from my shoulder to my toes sometimes causing my right leg to buckle under me. Pain killers did nothing to help but a chiropractor did help a great deal. I attending my local gym, doing gentle exercise,under constant supervision this helps, but the"bone weariness" I felt, as well as everything else, really got me down. Synalar ointment helped "cure" the psoriasis,but like others I could not lose weight,and had lots of tests done,including barium enema, nothing was found.In March 2003 the whites of my eyes turned yellow,was sick and unable to eat, blood tests were taken, which resulted in me ending up in hospital for 3weeks. Doctors did not know what to treat me for, but, eventually, after 10 days of blood tests and examinations and a liver biopsy,it was discovered that for some reason, I was not absorbing vitamins, nutrients etc. I was treated with a high dose of steroids (12 per day)+ other pills to counteract the damage that the steroids would do. The conclusion - I have auto immune disease - my body rejects my liver! I do not drink alcohol I have not been abroad in the last few years,I had none of the other problems normally connected with liver disease.Fortunately this treatment has worked, but now that I have been gradually weaned off the steroids, I have swollen hands and painfull "tingling" in both hands, left is worst causing sleepless nights and tears of frustration, doctors diagnosed carpul tunnel syndrom apparently all my symptoms are connected.Other family members also have carpul tunnel and under active thyroid- is there a hereditary link here? I was told by my doctor to hold my hands up till pain eased!! I await for a hospital appointment. Does surgery help? At the moment I take azathyropine 3 times a day dihydrocodine to ease pain when required black cohosh 2x2 daily,calcichew and fosamax as prescribed to combat osteoporosis.Do these symptoms ring a bell with anyone else out there? I am now losing weight eating fruit in the mornings eating less carb. and have my main meal as usual in the evening but less of it. I dont take sugar or eat cakes or biscuits I never have! so take heart out there,if I can get help for my hands I'll be content with my lot.The thought of a liver transplant, if treatment with steroids did not work was a shock to the system.

I was diagnosed in 1999 at age 17 with GD, no one can explain how a 27 yr old with no family history could be affected so drastically. My only clues were the tremors. Present day June 05 I just turned 24... I had been unmedicated for the past 3 years and I felt like I was loosing my mind... I was having serious family problems, with a close relative dying...I thought I was having a really hard time coping, but in actuality my T4 were through the roof! I am currently still suffering, my school Doc put me back on the PTU to try to stop any progression...but now he is worried not being a specialist as to wether or not am experiencing a " thyroid storm". Today the doctor at school took more blood( which is typical suffering with thyroid problems) only today they were to see if it was having an affect on my liver...Long Story Short...i am a student working my way through Arch. school...poor and shaking from my this point my only option is to go to the Emerg. Room and try to pay the Hopsital as much as I can! Any helpful suggestions towards any of this would be appeciated!

I just left my doctors office...first time i have been to one in six years... I went because I was having some tremors in my arms and hands... It goes from mild to, hand me that can of spray paint, i'll shake it for you. I also lost 18lbs since christmas... today is the 11th of april. I haven't lost anymore weight, and so I am thinking I possibly have hyper thyroid... The doc is waiting for blood results... My question is, how does the thyroid cause tremors? I understand the weight issue...(I also sleep just fine.) Just looking to understand what is happening to me...

Re:THYROID MEDS/GRAVES -OTHER SYMPTOMS - serena - guntersville, al.
I had thyroidectomy in 02 and iodine in 01 since 01 i have experienced extreme swelling in cheeks accompanied by pain.. i also have the eye disease associated with graves' disease. Does anyone know why the swelling occurs, if so, how do i treat it..I've been patiently waiting for my face to return to normal as my health has haven't seen any results..

I have been diagosed with Graves Disease...I am symptomatic...weight loss, hand tremors, etc. Which treatment option do you recommend?

I would recommend Armour Thyroid. I have Graves Disease and had to radiation therapy, which made my hypothyroid. The Armour Thyroid has been most effective for me - with lethargy, weight control, etc. The only thing is my immune system is pretty low-I catch every cold going around.

Re:THYROID MEDS/GRAVES -OTHER SYMPTOMS - Connie conarroe - Keremeos. B.C
I have been diagnsoed with hyperactive thyroid. My right eye started to obtrude, but blood tests show nothing. Finally went to a nature path who recommended no coffee, tea, chocolate, colas, alcohol, sugar. Ten years later my eye is normal, but feel it in my eye if I have a piece of chocolate.

tremors and graves disease

I just wanted to state that according to my natural health practitioner, most instances of Graves disease are not hyperthyroid but actually problems with the adrenal glands. He says in fact that he has every case he has ever seen that was diagnosed as Graves, has responded to treatment for overactive adrenal glands. He has never seen a true case of hyperthyroidism.

hi, ive found out that i had a thyriod problem when i was 15 of age im now 23. I cant take megs for it because my blood work shows that im fine. I was wondering if theres a natural drug to make me feel better.not so tired and depressed

ok, I don't understand the question about the orange. LOL.. allrighty then. I am grasping at straws, and am emailing anyone who might know something. I am looking for a good Osteopath in Houston who treats thyroid.. Can anyone help me/? thank you, Mamie

Nov 18th, 2008 Often those with underavtive thyroid is missed because doc's are not testing for enough. They test the TSH and nothing else. TSH doesn't tell you if your body is converting T4 into T3 effectively. Insisst on Free T4/Free T3 aswell. 


Hello Geri, You are mistaken with your interpretation and assumption to what doctors do and do not test for. The protocol for Thyroid testing is TSH, TPO, T3, and T4. Blood tests are not always accurate, in fact most people do not know they have a thyroid condition until they develop more dramatic health issues. Long Natural Health provides Thyroid testing, ZRT Comprehensive Iodine and Thyroid Test, and also instruction on how to test your thyroid without any blood work ups.

Re:THYROID MEDS/GRAVES -OTHER SYMPTOMS - Asha devi - Chapra, bihar
I m over weight.and my neck muscles are growing fastly

Hi. I have a grossly enlarged thyroid. So enlarged that when it's really imflamed it applies pressure to my vocal cords and I lose my voice. I am a 33 year old female. I hae dropped 3 dress sizes in 3 months. No dieting. I eat what I want but don't have much appetite. I have lost in excess of 30 lbs. Have tremors, shakes and am either wired up like a 9 day clock or ready to sleep for days. However, my blood work comes back normal. I went to another doctor. It's visibly noticable it must be something right? Blood work comes back normal. They did a CT Scan. Said everything looks fine. This can't possibly be normal. Can anyone offer any suggestions or guidance? I just don't understand how there can't be something wrong with it. When I swallow it's like swallowing around a golf ball and it looks like a lump larger than a golf ball in my neck! Thanks in advance. `Kat