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Water - What is Best?

Water - what is best?

Water - what is best? - Jacque - Missourif []
Dr. Long, About 2 years ago I believed that distilled water was the best because it removed all the contaminants, including flouride. It, unfortunately also removes all the good minerals and trace minerals, so I have been adding them back with trace mineral drops (at great expense). Lately I have been reading that the distilled water (even with the addition of trace minerals) may be doing harm to my body. The other filtration systems like reverse osmosis remove many contaminants, but leave the flouride. I am quite confused -- what would you recommend as a good water filter?

Re:Water - what is best? - Barb -
Jacque, I am so glad you asked this question. I too had been using distilled water for some years until I heard about the health issues. It is all v confusing and much of the info out there is so makes me nuts!!! I try to keep on on the lastest health news but it is hard to know what to do! I can't wait to read what Dr. Long advice is. Probably some v,v, expensive filtration system for our homes!!! I guess that would not be a problem but my husband and I seem to be on the road more than we are at home. So we use a Brita, buy bottled water and have jugs refilled at Whole Foods~reverse osm. We try to drink a half gallon a day, each, so it gets a little pricey!

Re:Water - what is best? - Timothy Long - []
I have been researching this issue for 25 years. I began filtering my water in the early 80's. I have heard every argument there is. My conclusion: Only use distilled water for very short term purposes for the reasons Jacque wrote above. I think reverse osmosis is a waste of money, water, minerals, etc, and the big problem of fluoride. You absolutely want fluoride out of your water! Bottled water is a waste of money, you can not trust the quality (the government standards are quite low and compliance lower), and you are drinking plastic compounds. I buy it only when I have to, and I try to get it in glass. The best way is to filter it at your source in your own home. A professional filter system that also uses Ultra Violet light. And a filter system that takes out all heavy metals, all fluoride, bacteria, etc. The one I have used in my home and that I highly recommend and offer in my catalog on this web site is the CuZn Water Purifier. Read about it in the E-Store. It works wonderful, does the job well, leaves in the good minerals and gives you inexpensive purified water. This system is rather inexpensive, and over time the real cost of your water will be cheap. My whole family fills their drinking bottles with this purifier at the kitchen sink and takes the water with them wherever they go. I know of no better answer. I also do add some Bionativus trace mineral drops to some of my drinking water. A healthy and wise thing to do. You can also read about them on this site. Those inexpensive simple filters are rather foolish, do a poor job, and do not take out all the things you really need filtered out. Over the years people waste so much money and time on poor solutions to problems such as pure water that are of tremendous importance to get done and get done right. Your life and health depends on pure drinking water and plenty of it daily. Cook with it and drink it. This is best accomplished with the Sun Pure system. Please ask further questions if you need to. This is a very important subject. -- Timothy

Re:Water - what is best? - Stephanie - Knoxville, TN []
I just purchased and installed a reverse osmosis system. I had been using the Pur water filter. Are you saying that I wasted my money? What I need to know is, are all the minerals and flouride removed from the water? My grandson's physician told me that he needs the flouride for his teeth, but you said it needed to be removed. I'm more confused than ever now.

Re:Water - what is best? - -
I hear Evamor Water is the best, has an ph level of 9

Re:Water - what is best? - Brad - kamloops b.c []
ph level of 9? . shouldnt it be more like 7 , 9 is like very basic isnt it , or acidic i forget witch is witch , but i remember that 7 is in the middle and is neutral . 9=bad ? or thats what every thick science book on acids and bases has told me

Re:Water - what is best? - Nicole - chehalis wa []
Brad: ph level of 9 is very alkaline water, not acidic. I've read that a good ph level is around 8, 9 sounds good though. High ph level in water is beneficial to keep the ph level of your body not so acidic. Has anyone considered, or bought a water filtration system that uses reverse osmosis then adds more oxygen (and maybe minerals too)to make the water alkaline. I've read this is ideal but spending upwards of 800 dollars on a system is such a big investment. Does anyone think its worth it?


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