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Facial Blushing

Facial Blushing 

Facial blushing/sweating - AC - illinois
About 5 years ago I started having these severe blushing attacks usually in social situations. I'm not shy, but unfortunately this problem has made me less likely to go out in the day or where there may be bright lights. I'm looking into surgery(as a last resort), only because I was on different anti-depressants for social anxiety and they made me feel really crummy. It's the blushing that makes me anxious, not the social situations! Have you heard of any herbs that can help with blushing/sweating of the face?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Timothy Long 
Please do not go for surgery or take anti-depressants for anxiety or blushing. I would be glad to work with you. I have helped many people resolve blushing problems without drugs or surgery. I am the owner/founder of Long Natural Health, though my speciality is resolving anxiety and blushing issues. Visit my website for more information. Visit my blushing page.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - shyrinne - canada
I am in dire need of a cure for severe facial blushing over the last few years. I have dropped out of part time studies further my career due to presentations...I have sold my business due to presentations and work as an admin of all things where I avoid social interacation in large groups. Our dinner events are shortened and my voice becomes unheard in these environments...I walk away from converstations and avoid confrontations at all costs due to facial blushing. My life is at a stand stilldue to this uncontrollable, embarassing situation. The last interview I had for a great opportunity I had passed on to a collegue due to my fear of 'word getting around' of how 'embarrassed and nervous' i was during the interview. I am a large beliver in herbal remedies..but now feel like surgery is hte only way to go to start living again with side effects. Can you suggest anything before I take on this major life change surgically? signed...the real blushing bride.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - kelly - wabash
is there an natural herb or vitamin or some type of supplement (non-surgical) that i can take to control blushing/sweating?????

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Mario - El Paso, Tx,
is there any natural treatment to stop facial blushing and sweating? Due to presentations and/or scial events. if there is, let me know. Ati this point, i feel like surgery is the only hope.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Tracey - Australia
hello, is there any natural treatment to stop or control facial blushing. Desperately need some advice thanks

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Timothy Long - []
To Everyone concerned with facial blushing. This is an emotionally based problem. Do no get surgery or use medications. I had this problem myself for many years. I no longer have a blushing problem. I have helped many people clear this problem as well. If you would like to stop blushing, end social anxiety, end being overly self-conscience, etc, I am available for counseling sessions in Boulder CO, or by Zoom or FaceTime. Visit my counseling website at 

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - MEDINA - AUSTRALIA

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Mark - Nottingham
Hi,I am in desperate need of a natural way of helping my facial blushing and sweating to stop do you know of any herbs or vitamins that can help me .

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - danielle - new jersey
I suffer from severe facial blushing. I too am not shy or embarrassed, just afraid that I will always blush in social situations. help!!!! are there any herbal medications that have helped.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - jon - sandiego, ca.
Im glad to see that there are other people out ther with the same problem as I have. I feel exactly the same as other people that suffer from this disorder. In secure, nervous, etc., but not because of the soical situations rather because of my face getting hot, red, and blotchy. I am definetely considering surgery, but was despereately hoping that there was a medication or herbal remed that could help as well. Is there?????

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Jessica - Arkansas
I am looking for some help with dealing w/ my bluching problems. It can be very distracting and well just flat out embarressing. No matter what I do to calm myself, the redness and tingling still appears. I have begun avoiding social situations and have prblems doing oral presentations. Is there anything available to help with this problem other than surgery? Open to all suggestions!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Kelli - FL
At least once a day, my face gets flushed. I am a vert outgoing person so it is not an anxiety problem. My face blushes for no reason and at no specific time. Sometimes it is just when I am watching TV while other times it is when I am in an important meeting. This is really embarrassing. Is there any natural remedies available? I would really appreciate the help.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - SWB5000 - canada
I too have the same symptons as everyone else, have been reading on BETA's & ALPHA's for non surgical treatment but doesn't sound like it works with most? does anybody know of any other ideas as it's killing my social life,cheers...

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - mo - canada
i have this blushing problem followed by severe eweating, and this bother me and put me away from society, plz tell me if there is some product i can use to cure it.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Jenny - Chicago, IL
I am a blusher as well! Have been for about 5 years. Same situation: I don't have a social anxiety disorder but the blushing on my face, neck and chest make me feel anxious - definitly more the fear of blushing than the fear of social situations. I am looking for a natural remedy - herbal or acupuncture? If anybody has some leads please share, I appreciate any help.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Marilyn - Minnesota
has anyone found a herb or vitamin for facial sweating? Please email me and let me know. I will do anything except surgery as I have no insurance. HELP

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Debbie - Riverdale, NJ
Are there any natural cures for Facial Blushing? I heard there was something in Red Onions that helped.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Laura - Georgia
Hi, I'm also living with the blushing/sweating problem. However, all these women have written in and aren't hearing of what herbal remedy there is for the problem? Is Mr. Long the only person with the magical herb? What about GNC? Please help.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Amber - SC
I also have a severe blushing problem. I often avoid things because of it and it is controling my life. If there is anything I can do please let me know.