Facial Blushing

Facial Blushing

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Facial blushing/sweating - AC - illinois
About 5 years ago I started having these severe blushing attacks usually in social situations. I'm not shy, but unfortunately this problem has made me less likely to go out in the day or where there may be bright lights. I'm looking into surgery(as a last resort), only because I was on different anti-depressants for social anxiety and they made me feel really crummy. It's the blushing that makes me anxious, not the social situations! Have you heard of any herbs that can help with blushing/sweating of the face?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Timothy Long - []
Please do not go for surgery or take anti-depressants for anxiety or blushing. I would be glad to work with you. I have helped many people resolve blushing problems without drugs or surgery. I do it with a combination of counseling and Long Natural Health supplements. Visit my website As far as products, we recommend products that lessen stress and anxiety in the body. A few of the supplements that can be helpful until the underlying issues are resolved are,  Loomis CLMPremier Adaptogen-R3, adrenal support supplements, such as Premier AdrenaVen and Loomis Adr. Others can highly benefit by the Sanesco formulas.

I recommend taking the Sanesco HPA test to find out your neurotransmitter levels and adrenal function.

Before you begin experimenting with supplements, it can be best to speak first. On my counseling website contact page you will find a calendar to schedule a Complimentary Consultation to find out how I can help you. 

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - shyrinne - canada
I am in dire need of a cure for severe facial blushing over the last few years. I have dropped out of part time studies further my career due to presentations...I have sold my business due to presentations and work as an admin of all things where I avoid social interacation in large groups. Our dinner events are shortened and my voice becomes unheard in these environments...I walk away from converstations and avoid confrontations at all costs due to facial blushing. My life is at a stand stilldue to this uncontrollable, embarassing situation. The last interview I had for a great opportunity I had passed on to a collegue due to my fear of 'word getting around' of how 'embarrassed and nervous' i was during the interview. I am a large beliver in herbal remedies..but now feel like surgery is hte only way to go to start living again with side effects. Can you suggest anything before I take on this major life change surgically? signed...the real blushing bride.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - kelly - wabash
is there an natural herb or vitamin or some type of supplement (non-surgical) that i can take to control blushing/sweating?????

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Mario - El Paso, Tx,
is there any natural treatmment to stop facial blushing and sweating? Due to presentations and/or scial events. if there is, let me know. Ati this point, i feel like surgery is the only hope.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Tracey - Australia
hello, is there any natural treatment to stop or control facial blushing. Desperately need some advice thanks

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Timothy Long - []
To Everyone concerned with facial blushing. This is an emotionally based problem. Do no get surgery or use medications. I had this problem myself for many years. I no longer have a blushing problem. I have helped many people clear this problem as well. If you would like to stop blushing, end social anxiety, end being overly self-conscience, etc, I am available for counseling sessions in Boulder CO, or by FaceTime and Skype. Visit my counseling website at 

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - MEDINA - AUSTRALIA

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Mark - Nottingham
Hi,I am in desperate need of a natural way of helping my facial blushing and sweating to stop do you know of any herbs or vitamins that can help me .

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - danielle - new jersey
I suffer from severe facial blushing. I too am not shy or embarrassed, just afraid that I will always blush in social situations. help!!!! are there any herbal medications that have helped.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - jon - sandiego, ca.
Im glad to see that there are other people out ther with the same problem as I have. I feel exactly the same as other people that suffer from this disorder. In secure, nervous, etc., but not because of the soical situations rather because of my face getting hot, red, and blotchy. I am definetely considering surgery, but was despereately hoping that there was a medication or herbal remed that could help as well. Is there?????

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Jessica - Arkansas
I am looking for some help with dealing w/ my bluching problems. It can be very distracting and well just flat out embarressing. No matter what I do to calm myself, the redness and tingling still appears. I have begun avoiding social situations and have prblems doing oral presentations. Is there anything available to help with this problem other than surgery? Open to all suggestions!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Kelli - FL
At least once a day, my face gets flushed. I am a vert outgoing person so it is not an anxiety problem. My face blushes for no reason and at no specific time. Sometimes it is just when I am watching TV while other times it is when I am in an important meeting. This is really embarrassing. Is there any natural remedies available? I would really appreciate the help.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - SWB5000 - canada
I too have the same symptons as everyone else, have been reading on BETA's & ALPHA's for non surgical treatment but doesn't sound like it works with most? does anybody know of any other ideas as it's killing my social life,cheers...

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - mo - canada
i have this bluching problem followed by severe eweating, and this bother me and put me away from society, plz tell me if there is some product i can use to cure it.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Jenny - Chicago, IL
I am a blusher as well! Have been for about 5 years. Same situation: I don't have a social anxiety disorder but the blushing on my face, neck and chest make me feel anxious - definitly more the fear of blushing than the fear of social situations. I am looking for a natural remedy - herbal or acupuncture? If anybody has some leads please share, I appreciate any help.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Marilyn - Minnesota
has anyone found a herb or vitamin for facial sweating? Please email me and let me know. I will do anything except surgery as I have no insurance. HELP

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Debbie - Riverdale, NJ
Are there any natural cures for Facial Blushing? I heard there was something in Red Onions that helped.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Laura - Georgia
Hi, I'm also living with the blushing/sweating problem. However, all these women have written in and aren't hearing of what herbal remedy there is for the problem? Is Mr. Long the only person with the magical herb? What about GNC? Please help.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Amber - SC
I also have a severe blushing problem. I often avoid things because of it and it is controling my life. If there is anything I can do please let me know.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Lance - vancouver, canada
I also suffer from the severe blushing thing. I tried kava in the past, worked really well for awhile but found I had to keeping upping the dosage until it didn't really work anymore. (can't find it anymore in canada anyway. supposedly causes liver problems?) I stopped consuming dairy which helped with my skin not feeling like it was burning and I'm also using aveno baby creme on my face that sort of acts like a shield, i think it helps. probably more psychological than anything (but isn't everything with this nasty problem). I've just started using Relora for about a week now. I can definitely feel it, but whether it's working to early to tell. Have to give the herbal stuff a little more time than man made stuff. I've never tried prozac and all the other man made stuff, to many side effects for my liking. There is alot more natural stuff out there to try so don't give up. I know it's not alot of info but it's all i've got and nobody else seems to be stepping up (which probably means there is no cure, don't panic i'm just kidding...) Anyway, i hope this helps and if there is any fellow red facers out there that have licked the problem, speak up!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Jenna - Va
Hi, Ive been suffering from facial blushing for sometime now. I have been researching in hopes of finding a cure that I could afford because surgery is just way out of the question because of the cost. Anyways I tried Eredicane and while all medication has different results with everyone I was very disappointed with it. I took it just as prescribed to and when I would feel it not working I would blush even more because of how angry I would get at the failure. Anyways, I hope it works for anyone else who tries it just giving a little heads up. Hopefully we can all find something soon enough that works efficiently and lets us live a normal life!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Kelly - TN
I have all of the above problems as well and did not know that their were others like me. I see no one offering any help here though???

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - -
Guys, I have had the ETS surgery and although it did help a little it did not cure the facial blushing. I still have extreme blushing problems. Has anyone tried Eredicane?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - tulip -
hi im sorry to see all these people have the same problem as me but im also glad cos really thought im th only one ETS didnt help??that was my only hope i cant find any remedy at all if anyone can plase let us know

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - grace - australia
my son is 40 years old and he sweat day and night excesibly, he suffers a lot, because of it.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - martin - Uk
im 16 and suffer from exessive sweating of the hands armpits and feet. However i have tried many treatments such as dehydrol liquid to stop sweating and many different powders. none of them seem to work. i used to suffer from blushing of the face but i managed to reduce it just by thinking positiviley. dont let it control your life, just accept it and if you see your face in the mirror and its red just think oh well, i just get on with the problem and have found it to have reduced in severity considerably. i believe the problem is nealry all pshycological. just dont let it control your life and get on with it its worked for me.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Sara - Pennsylvania
I also experience facial blushing at the slightest sign of an uncomfortable situation. A simple comment can make me blush and the acknowledgment of this can make it worse. I am not interested in surgery or an herbal supplement not FDA approved. Anyone have any suggestions?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Lim - Malaysia
I've been experiencing facial blushing for years. The problem starts to get worse after I started a medication for my acne problem. Now, I get blushed even more easily than it used to be. Is there any lotion/cream that i can apply on to reduce this problem? Or is there any natural herb that I can take to reduce this problem?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Mike -
I am a "redhead" too! Is there anyone that can give me some advice? Does eredicane work?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Seeker - England
I have severe facial blushing and social anxiety. I know it's not really sensible to go onto anti-depressants solely for facial flushing but I did and Seroxat completely set me at ease and virtually cured my blushing. UNFORTUNATELY, I also put on 3 stone and became completely addicted, so much so that I started having panic attacks and blushing tens times worse upon withdrawal. Basically it does cure the blushing while you're on them but if you ever come off them, you're left in a far worse position than you originally had. Anyways, I'm just giving both sides of the story... some people are talking about taking medication to cure their problem and I guess it could be a cure but the Seroxat downside is HUGE. Has anybody tried hypnosis? I've heard that could help, not so much to stop you blushing but to make you not care anymore? P.S I know this isn't a funny problem but Mike,what a nickname: Redhead! Too funny ; )

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Themg -
I heard Magnesium helps with blushing problem, and something about taking vitamin B6 with it.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - jessica -
how much does the surgery cost?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - tulip -
surgery what i find in england between 4-5000 pound but in other countrys like thailand is cheaper

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - -
i did try hypnosis the first 1 was absolutely useless so went to an other place i felt really good after the first session there went back 2 more times but sadly realised that it didt help at all u leave there lots of money come out with lots of hope ur confidence def grows but i dont think it helps against blushing maybe i went to a wrong place give it a try cos u do feel better bout urself

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Jennie - england
hi everyone, i have a real bad blushing problem, i go bright red if i get embarassed even slightly, and i hate it, does anyone have any ideas that could reduce the redness in my cheeks? i'm desperate! it stops me doing lots of things i want to do because i know i will go bright red if i am in that situation!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Jonny - Chicago IL
I have a blushing problem, I turn bright red over the littlest things. It really limits what I do. I was looking for vitamins or herbs I dont want surgery. Can anyone help me out!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Timothy Long - []
I have helped many people with blushing. I had it myself very bad for many years before I figured out how to heal it. It only took a short time to greatly lessen it, and then a few months to disappear almost completely. I mean it happens once every few months now, but in a minimal way. That is normal. I am having the same results with many clients. I am using both natural supplements and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). For supplements I recommend Premier Max B-ND for natural B vitamins, Bio Nativus Mineral Concentrate (either of the two formulas in my web catalog) for magnesium and other helpful minerals to relax and greatly diminish anxiety and stress in the body, and I sometimes recommend PremierPregnenolone, Premier AdrenaVen or Premier Adaptogen-R3. These further help with anxiety and stress. Most people need the adrenal support, and pregnenolone is also great for the skin and capillary strength. Some people need natural vitamin C and extra bioflavonoids as well. Though be sure they are natural. Don't use ascorbic acid for vitamin C. I recommend Premier Vitamin C. Though, far more important and helpful is EFT and working with a trauma therapist. I took those supplements and more, and got some help. Not eating certain foods and special skin care helped. But therapy by far is what stopped my blushing. You have to clear the emotional issues behind the anxiety. Be sure the therapist is energy and somatic based, Gestalt can be very helpful and was to me and my clients. It will transform far more than the blushing problem. It will give you back your self worth and confidence, and lead to many positive changes in your life, including no more blushing! Go to my online store to see the products mentioned. Though for more information on EFT, Gestalt and my coaching/therapy practice, see . It will explain how you can easily work with me doing counseling or coaching over the phone or Skype to resolve your blushing problem. After you read it, if you still have any doubts, feel free to contact me, my info is on my website. Sincerely, Timothy Long

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Jaclyn - Canada
Just recently I began to blush uncontrollably. I am at a young age, grade 9, and I hate going to school because of my fear of blushing. The odd thing is, is that I am not scared of facing social situations, but blushing in front of everyone and embarresing myself just by blushing. First I feel my face begin to warm up, and then I can feel the redness on my skin. After I know that I am blushing, I blush even more because I am embaressed of what people are thinking. I blush especially when I am called on by one of the teachers. The whole class stares, and I become so embaressed! Sometimes I will start blushing even when talking to someone who is more popular then I am! is this normal? what can I do to get my self esteem back?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - usa
excess blushing,and sweating.That sounds like hiperhidrosis 1in 25 persons have it.Look up hiperhidrosis more on the net.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - beckster - usa
I am really tired of my blushing problem. It is affecting where i go, what i do, everything. I wear turtlenecks all the time even in the summer, how stupid does that look? I am looking for a job and this is hindering me in where i apply even. This is messed up!!! Anyone who wants to talk, please email me back

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - catelyn - texas
wow, i thought i was the only one with this problem, it helped me a little to know that im not. but i still need help! it is affecting me all the time, like i wont do any sports because im afraid i'll blush at games. and i dont like going places were people can see that i am blushing. it doesnt even have to be when im embarrased! it happens all the time, sumtimes i dont even know why it happens. is there a vitamin or something that i can take to stop this? please help!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - maria - massachusetts
For so many years I thought I was the only one going through this ordeal of skin flushing at every social interaction. It's funny because I am extremely outgoing, love people, but for whatever reason in certain situations my skin flushes so bad that people ofter ask If I'm okay. The asking makes it worse. It's more of the embarrassment of not being able to give an important speech, not able to participate in my daughters events, not being able to raise my hand in class or at meetings to share my ideas. Im a counselor at a high school and what's worse than your high school students watching change colors, your vision get blurred, sweat profusely, and literatly not able to pronounce words your so used to saying, like academics? Please help...I don't want therapy...i have great self esteem it is this "illness" that make me doubt who I am. I do not want surgery. At this point I want a remedy, I want peace in my life, and I want to enjoy life as it is meant for me to enjoy. Please...I suffer just like all of you. If anyone has found anything that has worked for them I am willing to give it a try. I feel for all of you who have written about the same issue. I cry with you on this one.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Gordon - UK
hi guys, I have lessened this problem a lot by doing Dianetics with a friend of mine. I bought the book and DVD and teamed up with a good friend and I found I had a lot of built up emotion and loss - it is a form of pain but not physical pain. I still blush but it's less and I did feel refreshed after doing some of this with my friend - who is a very good friend and listens to all my worries. It's worth giving the book a read - I did find it helped. Email me if you have any questions. GM

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - mardi - New Zealand
Hey, Im I can completely relate to all the above experiences... I have been suffering from extreme blushing for the past 10 years, I am now 25. I have just started is basically a herbal supplement, with B6 and Magnesium with some other herbs etc...its probably too early to tell..I feel a little more relaxed but havent noticed any strong changes in the blushing...I will keep you all posted as to how it goes..good luck!!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Andy - California
I am or was a victim of what many explained. I tried all drugs and came across two very helpful remedies: 1: - Accunpuncture for hyperhydrosis 2: - Hypnotherapy - It is a little psychological and a good therapist will assist.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Karen - USA
Gaba, a natual supplement, has helped me immensely. One 750 tablet daily, calms, helps with sleeping, prevents anxiety.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Tracey - UK
I am desperate for help for my blushing. It is so embaressing when my face goes red and blotchy and people ask me whats wrong with me. I'm getting married next year and don't want to have a red face on my wedding photographs. Any help would be gratefully accepted.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - mark - uk
I have started to blush and sweat when iam under pressure. Also when i get embarassed or shy. can anyone help. Is there any medicine that can help.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - amanda - uk
i found this long list of letters from various people all over the world comforting, i am so glad i am not the only one that has this problem and that there are many others going to great lengths to avoid a possible "blush" situation. however and most importantly where is the list of possible treatments?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - lissy - uk
I have this problem too but I'm only 14, I really would like to buy something to help control my blushing because I heard that you can buy moisturizers and gel to put on your face:S? I really need help because it is making me seem like a shy person and I can't talk in a group or introduce myself and I worry about it so so much. pleaseee help!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - tanestee - Malaysia
wow, really stumble when saw all the posted message. i am in this blushing group as well. i really hate when i start to blush, my colleagues or friend will start to laugh. they say " see see she is turning red" God..i really hate it. i rather look down. cant talk much or look at the ppl when im blushing. its like cooked prawn. Magnesium really can help?? pls help. thanks

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - miju -
I go red when someone starts to talk to me people at worked all started lookin at me'whats the matter or do u fancy him?'-NO!!!!but beacause i done it before second time he walks in i blush again i feel awful it ruins my life!Thinkin about changing job but the same will happen again.I cannot talk in a room full of people they just ask how was work or anything and i go like a tomato for nothing.The thing is im really not shy without this would be like anyone else.Is anyone else so bad like i am?I did try everything but i think when the situation comes sadly they dont really help but if someone knows about sg please help!!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Annabelle - New Jersey
I had compensatory sweating from ETS surgery - DO NOT GET THIS SURGERY!! The compensatory sweating is WORSE than the original symptoms, and I have breathing problems from it!! APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (get the brand BRAGG'S - 2 teaspoons of Bragg's apple cider vinegar with 2 teaspoons of raw, organic honey (the thick, creamy kind of honey - I tried the other kind and it did not work). Mix with 8 ounces of purified water 3X a day on an empty stomach and my sweating is GONE as long as I take this drink CONSISTANTLY! I hope it works for all who try it - I could not believe it normalized my sweating.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Bernadette - Australia
I have facial blushing -r there any natural products that can help with?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - miju -
i find out about camouflage make up which supposed to be able to cover it so people dont c if u blush! can get thorough internet but as i heared is quite hard to find the right shade try dermablend or dermacolour that what other blushers talk about good luck!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Maria -
Hi there, I'm facing the sweating problem most days now and I'm concerned of what this thing can do to my confidence and self esteem. I feel like I could do so much more and I believe we all have so much potential.., but this is just bringing me down and makes me become someone I don't want to be. I'll look at it first as a result of an unsolved emotional issue, get through all the layers of my emotions as I've recently read in "the journey" by Brendon Bays and I think that if I can get to apply some of her approaches regarding our emotions then it might be that I won't need to worry of fixing up the simptoms and rather deal with the issue at core of it. Good luck to you all!! EFT sounds like a very good idea too. Thanks Tim.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - josh - arizona
I would strongly advise people not to get involved with those like timothylong@naturalhealth. Typically people like him say they suffer from problems like we have and then try to sell you snake oil products. Its very typical with all ailments/conditions. I have considered the surgery but am concerned with compensatory sweating. I myself have been helped with meditation and visualization techniques. Its not a cure but it does help. I also tried photo facial and it helped a bit but not completely. Good luck lets keep sharing.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Maria -
Hi, For everybody who is considering having the surgery, have a read through this website "" when you get a chance. It's pretty scary and it will definitely make you think twice about having it done. Also, it is important to read the testimonials of the people that had it done and are much worse now than what they were before the surgery. I'm not a big fan of any anti depressants either.., but I like to believe there is something out there that can help us all.., we just need to find it.. Good luck!!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - sasha -
what are the non- surgical (Herbal/non herbal medications) ways to stop facial/sweating?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Timothy Long - []
Everyone -- Surgery, anti-depressants, etc are not the way to go. Nor do you need to live with blushing and other anxiety problems. Nearly all blushing has emotional issues and stress behind it. I healed this problem in myself and I have helped my clients heal it. If you want to clear your blushing problem and/or social anxiety, stress, self-confidence issues, depression and much, much more, visit my website

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - John - Virginia
I feel like I'm going crazy with this facial blushing, I cannot control it.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Brandy - Maryland
Hi everyone. It feels good to see a lot of people have the same problem I do because eventhough alot of people might get that cute little flush on their cheeks, not many turn red and blotchy/rashy like me. I've been dealing with it for so long that I kind of blocked it out and just didn't start a new job..made sure I worked in dim lighting..avoided florescent lighting and pretty much just put my life on hold. I am going to school right now to be a Pre K teacher and the thought of having people like watch me teaching like observing is already freakin me out and I still have like two more years! I blush the most during oral presentations or being called on in class..but I also blush if my friend drops in unexpectadely at my work..I had to tell people they weren't allowed to come visit me because anything unexpected- like someone randomly coming in would make me blush. It could be 50 degrees and if I start blushing I will feel like I'm on fire. when its hot out it's 10 times worse so I avoid places that arent very cool because that helps alittle bit. But i'm sick of someone asking me a question that i feel uncomfortable with and they are like "oooo look how red you are you so like him blah blah blah" and they don't understand that it's not that you like them it's just a SITUATION YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE IN. I wish more people could realize that. But I am like alot of people on here..I am shy and do have a social phobia, but I mainly blush because I am thinking about how I am going to blush. And then comes the dizziness and loss of words and feeling like I'm on fire :( I f anyone has found anything that worked ( i dont know how old this webiste it) please let me know or if you just want to talk because I would like to talk to someone who best friend has the same problem but she points hers out and laughs before other people can point it out..I can't do that I will just get teary eyed and run out of the room. so if you want to talk feel free to email me

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - earl - memphis
i need some help on how to stop sweating. I dont care what I do, I just sweat in the face. please give me some ideas solutions on what i can do to stop sweating..thanks, will monitor your reply.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Judy - California
I'm also looking into Eredicane, but I wanted to respond to the 16 year old who have a sweating problem. My armpits used to sweat profusely ever since I was a kid. Now THAT was embarrassing...big rings under my armpits. Ever since I started to use Mitchum deoderant, I don't have a sweating problem at all. Mitchum has a unique ingredient that I can't remember the name of right now, but it's different than other products and works great! I'm still waiting to hear more about Eredicane for my blushing. I'm a redhed with very pale skin and my blushing just seems to be getting worse with age. It has definitely held me back from many opportunities because I fear a blushing attack. Good luck, everyone!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - magnus - south africa
Hhi i wana ask what can treat my facial blushing, i've ask some people if there is but no one can help me!I live in South africa, cape town!I need help

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Ger - ireland
Please can anybody help me i have a severe blushing problem i have also had suicidle thoughts because of this severe problem can somebody please help?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - z - ireland
hi i am also a blusher. i tried a drug called serodyn which had no effect on me. i would like to know if anyone knows if relora is an effective drug to stop facial blushing. i also found a website that tries to help you relax and also has useful infomation on other problems. the website is called

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - tulip -
Hi everyone,yes there is help!!!!I keep writin to people to haver a look on this website there r so many advices and forums bout make up,drugs and everything.It did help me a lot even now i have my low days and i thought about endin mt life too which is so sad but if u have patient and time on that forum there is lots of advice bout camo make up which will give u a coverage so no1 can see u blushing and also milder make up

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Sevi - Mass
seryden doesnt really work!!! Ive been taking it and I still blush!!!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - z - ireland
Has anyone tried eredicane.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Tweet - Oregon
I also have problems with this. My neck and chest and sometimes my back become red and splotchy. I have tried keeping calm, but you don't always have control over that. I am getting married this year and I am afraid that I will have this during the ceremony and reception. I am too wondering what I can do? I just want to know if maybe my body lacks something that causes this and what vitamins or supplements I can take to get rid of it for good! What even causes this? I didn't have it until one day, 8 years ago I was giving a speech and everyone noticed. I am always afraid that it will happen. Help!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - nikki - texas
Im so glad to see that im not the only one. I thought I was. Anyone want to talk about it?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - augusto - my house
I had this blushing problem for about a year, but I stopped it completely by: No medication BUT Mental medication. Blushing stops only when you decide to no fear it. Also, massage both temples once a day. And, be more spiritual. We are part of an infinite world. Water is more natural than coffee. Thanks

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Yosh - Colorado
I sweat profucely, but only in my face. I'm getting married on a tropical beach in a few months, and really don't want to be sweating all week. Can you pleae help me find a solution> Thanks!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Yatty - England
March 18, 2007. Cure offered: I have found Prozac to be good for blushing. The good thing about this drug is that, after an initial 3 weeks, or so, it has very little in the way of side-effects (unlike many other nerve-disorder type drugs.) Even for these 3 weeks the side-effects are pretty minor. You will need to embark on a long course of them, but the dosage can be quite low.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Brenda - U.S
is there a medicine (natrual) that can stop blushing or anything else out there. Those the Hyponosis to stop blushing really work?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - alex -
hey all, read through all the responses. be strong! ive tried everything. had surgery (£4000 wasted), tried medication (prozac, seroxat) ive used and stil use dermablend, but this only minimises the effect. the drugs worked for a little while but then the problem came back. Its been a long battle over 10 years now and i have developed a very nasty personality towards peoples reaction to my blushing, which is not pleasant, however im not shy and i am very outgoing when outside regardless of the weather, it only happens when inside. i feel like i have nowhere to turn and i am constantly in and out of relationships due to this. what seems to work for me is tanning!!! i no its a bit vain but knowin u look a bit brown eases my mind!! but still have paltipations. Eredicane? any1 tried seems to be last option as ive tried everything. Male uk 26. 25 match 2007

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - susie - usa
I'm so happy I found this website. I thought I was the only one. I'm in a bible school and we perform a lot in the chruch and 99% of the time I am sweating so much on my face. Like sweat down my face. Does anyone know of any non surgical things that I can do to stop this? Please email me and let me know. Thanks.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - blotchymess - u.s.
I suffer from facial blushing on my neck and chest for the last few years-i was really depressed about it-I am a teacher so I am around people constantly-I wear dermablend makeup on my neck and many turtlenecks! I fear the day I get married! My boyfriend thinks I am vain for worrying about it-hes probably right but he doesn't understand how I feel-I am currently taking st. johns wort for anxiety-only 2nd week so can't tell if its working-heard it takes about 6 weeks to kick in-its worth a try! You can pick it up at any drugstore-just kinda scares me since it is not FDA approved-I heard Chanel might come out with a product for blushing soon-thermopigments or some crap like that-a cream or something that makes your blush not look visible but not a makeup I guess-I find a lot of useful info on esbn forum for hyperhidrosis-I am trying to let it get me down but its hard not to think about it! I fear the blushing not the people!!!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - blotchymess - u.s.
I also wanted to add that I had the V-beam done on my neck/chest 3 times and it has helped a lot with my confidence-cost me 900 though! I am up for any solution! I am a problem solver damnit!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - redcheeks - maine
Paxil and Lorazapam worked for me. Occasional redness but very minimal. The fear of blushing for me is helped through medication for social anxiety disorder.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - maryann -
i was just wondering if there was any natural way you could stop blushing in situations. Im in 10th grade and i feel like im holding back becuase of it. just thought i would come here and ak if there were any natural ways you could stop it

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - lindsay - new york
wow. so many suffering so few answers. i was feeling pretty desperate and looking for answers. considered surgery for my extreme blushing, but am put off by the results i'm reading about. i use make up and tan, but it seems to be getting worse with age. i had no idea that i wasn't alone. this has been going on since i was 5 although my son was blushing severly since he was 3 so i'd agree it's hereditary. what are we to do here? i like the thought of acupunture for hydrosis and a natural cure, but i'm an extreme blusher. it's getting really hard to live like this. paxil works, but i felt completely disconnected from my creative emotional real self. any thoughts? i'm holding out for the eradicane. sounds so made up though, i feel scammed already!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Mark the RED 8) - Stafford CT
I have to say , ive had my dealings with anxiety over the last 20 years, still live a normal life and have just started this blushing thing about two years ago, no biggie i still play in a band and really dont give a crap about it, thats the key, you feed your blushing by panicking about it, we are all our worst enemies. I've found a good hypno lesson on a peer vs peer file sharing network that has helped me greatly,,, it trains you to just go with that warm feeling that starts the mind thinking blushing in the first place, if you stop caring it will never be in the for front of your mind, i know its alot easier said then done but its true. Anti drugs are just masking everything that goes on in an anxiety state it does not fix the problem it numbs it, never been on any drugs for anxiety and have lived a normal life even with the blushing crap thats been happening last few years, and it happens like most people say on these forums no reason, im not nervous and very out going, but remember what I said, we feed the first feelings of warmth in our faces, we promote the high levels of blushing which follow by being afraid of it...anyway if anyone wants the lesson i downloaded just email me and I will email it to you, its only about 2mb in MP# format, maybe it will let you see a little clearer on your blusing and help keep it under control. Ohhh and for the few people I saw posting here mentioning killing themselves over blushing, your problems go much deeper than just a red face, you may want to talk to a professional, honestly. A red face big deal, we can be in a hospital on machine's all day or not able to get out of bed everyday, really now think of how lucky you really are aside from a little red face... anyway God bless, and if you feel alone your not, turn to the lord our God he's always there for comfort, talk to him he'll listen, believe me Again email me if you want this mp3 audio file on blushing and i'll send it to you..

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Tuti -
I have a serios proble of sweating on underarms and i ran out of options on what to do can somebody assist me as it is really embarassing and not comfortable all

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - -
Tuti, cannot give you any advice on the sweating since im a blusher, but look at the positive side of it your sweating is not a right in your face problem like blushing, its a lot more hidden and less noticable then turning red, wish I can trade in blushing for sweating anyday 8)

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Cheaper Eredicane Ingredients -
Eredicane main ingredients purchased separately are a lot cheaper I ordered the following at vitacost its a three month supply for about $12 a month NSI GABA 200 Capsules 14.99 NSI VitB-6 300 Capsules 6.99 NSI Passion Flower -- 700 mg per serving 300 Capsules 9.99 SubTotal: 31.97 Sales tax: 0.00 Shipping: 4.99 Grand Total: 36.96

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - ChicagoGirl - Chicago
I am an excessive, this sounds like an AA confession...but it's true. Some years it goes away, other years it comes on very strong. Currently it is completely controlling my life. I avoid social situtaions as much as possibe, at least all of those where the lights are bright. A job interview is out of a question. I blush almost all the time when someone starts a conversation with me in a public place...I cannot control it and it makes me very sad and shy. Although I did notice one thing...that it must have a lot to do with the level of confidence. At times when I felt very confident I was OK for a while. I guess it is a psychological problem. One word of advice for those who have a problem with underam sweating (I was one of those too)...I tried a product that really works for me. It is called Certain Dri and I buy it at Walgreens in the deodorant section for $6 bucks or so. It is my miracle product for that problem. It is important to follow the simple instructions that come with it...and it is better to use little product at first, to see how your skin reacts. If I could only find this kind of thing for facial blushing....

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Vince S. - Rocklin, Ca
I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis since puberty, but it seems to get worse with time. Its mostly centralized on my face, but I also get it on my hands. It is constantly bringing me down and depresses me severely. I started taking astralagus, because i heard that it was a anhydrotic and helps with spontaneous sweating. Haven't seen much results yet, but hopefully it starts working. I'm 22 now and I'm desperate. It has ruined many relationships with girlfriends and job possibilities.Anybody with any tips and or remedies, please contact me at the mentioned email above(excuse the odd temporary email)

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - pragyan - kathmandu nepal
i ve excessive sweating on my forehead around nose and upper chick.. i feel too much heat during that time on my facial parts much of triedness feel sleepy

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Caitlin - Boston
Hey I have facial blushing and searched online and found eredicane. It was really expensive so I just looked at the active ingredients and I found GABA. I got it for 15 bucks at GNC. Its an amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter inhibitor. Its suppose to reduce stress and anxiety simptoms like facial blushing. I'm taking it today for the first time and I feel really mellow on it. I'll let you guys know how it works. (There was more ingredients like magnesium and vitamin b6 in that supplement too.) Good luck everyone!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Jess - UK
i did not know there was so many people with the same problem as me in fact i did not know it can be diagnosed! i am so glad i have found people that r in the same situation as me and i know exactly how u all feel. it holds me back in my daily life and sometimes i feel i dont want to go out any where because of the fear of blushing. I dont just go slightly red on the cheeks at an embarrasing moment i go maroon all over my face and neck! unexpectedly and sumtimes for no reason at all. it is also 10 times worse when people point it out and it really makes me want to run off crying. i do find that i get it alot of the time when i am being served by sum1 in a shop, or by talking to sum1 in authority, in group situations i even dont like talking out loud when i am with my group of friends and especially hate being asked questions in class as everyone stares. i think i have a fear of being centre of attention maybe i have social phobia i dnt reli know. i really need sum help becuase it is making me unhappy and i need to know the same as everyone else really are there any herbal tablets i can take and i have also heard about hypnosis does this work? sum1 to talk 2 would also be nice. please contact me by email x

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - dahlia peak - minnesota
about 3 years ago I started blushing whenever I was around someone who I was even faintly attracted to in class, I get so embarrassed about this I hardly want to go out at all and it makes me run the other wat when I see somebody I know, this totally effects my social life and I am willing to try anything to get rid of this blushing thing. I have been taking St. Johns wort for about 3 weeks now and it seems to be helping a little, is there anything else I can do? is it safe to take beta-blockers on a regular basis?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Steve - New Jersey
Folks - I wanted to fill everyone in on something that has recently dramatically reduced my facial blushing. I am 24 and a project manager for a major real estate firm. I understand how crippling facial flushing can be. This is something I've dealth with my entire life. I have spent $1200 on IPL treatments, gone to 3 dermatologists, used zenmed, eucerin, metrogel, cortizone...nothing helped. Another condition I am blessed with is low testosterone, which makes men more flaccid than normal. To help that cause, I started taking ARGIN-MAX two weeks ago. Argin-Max is an herbal supplement sold through GNC for sexual enhancement. It costs $15 for 90 pills. They recommend taking 3 with breakfast and 3 with dinner, but I'm only taking two and two, to make the pills last longer (about 3 weeks). The major ingredients in ArginMax are L-Arginine and Ginseng, but it also gives you 100% of other vitamins like A,B,C,D and E. L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that helps increase blood flow. It has been used since the 1800s for a variety of treatments, including for heart disease. I will note that one recent Johns Hopkins study showed that L-Arginine should not be taken after a heart attack. I am not sure if the benefit comes from the Arginine or from the Ginseng, or any of the other ingredients, but all I can say is that for the time being IT WORKS! I still have a low level of redness, but it used to be that when I woke up, i'd be very very red, after showers, after shaving, in the heat, etc. Every time I would look in the mirror I my cheeks would be a different intensity. Now, I am much more consistent and holding a low level of redness. What really brought the benefits to my attention - two days ago the president of my firm called me in to his office, because a client called him to complain that I'm not paying enough attention to his project. Normally, I would have been purple within seconds. For some amazing reason, after the 10 minute ripping, I left in the exact same state I came in. My face was cool. My co-worker in the office next to me couldnt understand why I was so happy after getting yelled at. Needless to say, I am continuing with my 4 pills a day and hope that it doesnt lose its effectiveness. My guess is that the arginine helps increase the blood flow away from your face, but i'm not a doctor. Again, I've got nothing to gain, I don't work for the company that produces ArginMax nor do I own any GNC stores - I'm just an average guy who has spent many nights alone because of the social phobia that facial flushing generates. Happy Trails. Steve

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - nz
i suffer from the same problem i have tried a couple of herbs they dont work the doctor sent me to get bloods and wouldnt give me anything for it thinking of surgery any suggestions?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - the redinator - downey
someone please help im going into highschool with this horrible problem i cant be in public with turning into a straw berry! im desprate i have no friends what so ever.....

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Ange - NY
I have had a problem with facial flushing that has gotten stronger over the years due to mild social anxiety. Now I find myself less afraid of people and more of the thought of flushing in my neck, chest and face over anything else! I am frustrated and I need an alternative to surgery because it is so expensive. PLEASE HELP. I find that this problem is crippling my social life and I am only 24 years old! I can't live with this for the rest of my life and have this stop me from living life to the fullest. PLEASE, is there an herbal supplement I can take besides Eredicane (wich is 5o bucks a bottle?) Anything I can get from the pharmacy?? Your answer is eagerly awaited and GREATLY appreciated! Thank you! Ange

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - SC - ENGLAND
Not only have I been blessed with redhair (which carries a stigma in good old England) I've also lived my life under constant threat of facial redness. I'm a confident person but this has always held me back in life whether at work or socially. See a nice girl in a bar and fear of redness rather than rejection sets in. I've decided enough is enough and reading other's comments on this site has been a revelation; its good to know I'm not suffering alone! Thus far I've ordered a couple of Euricin Redness Reduction creams and will let you know the results when I receive them. I'm also thinking of giving Eredicane a try but would rather avoid medication if possible; has anyone found this product to work, as opinions seem fairly negative? Again not something I want to do but is laser surgery at all effective? It seems to work for rosacea sufferers, but blushing or constantly reddish skin is not the same thing?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Evan - Los Angeles
Wow, What can I say, This is a major problem here. I have had these blushing episodes for years and I have trued everything except for the surgery. My doctor has put me on Beta Blockers prozac etc. I tried that eridacane, can I get my money back? Not working. I am an outgoing person but the facial blushing is creepy. Someone will say my name and then I turn into a tomato. someone somewhere needs to find a cure. I have been to 3 doctors they had a team of 5 physicans come into the room and noone can figure it out. I did go to the specialists out of the network and the guy said if you don't sweat bad while your having these explusions of redness he wasn't doing the surgery. I was desperate. I am now taking clonodine 2 times a day 2 pills each. I am not sure if its working yet because this is medication # 5. I find it funny because the facial blushing doesn;t go with my personailty but then I wonder what is wrong with me that if I am so outgoing why do I turn beet red for no reason. I was at a market one time I ran into someone I knew and I think I was purple at the time because I felt so hot I had to go to the freezer section to cool off. I went to therapy as well. Help me I am turning red and I need to stop. Whoever finds a a real cure and not some mickey mouse wanna be pill, let me know I will buy a truck load

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Blair - Dubai
Hi Tomothy I have had a major problem with this for 20 years and desperatley need some help - can I call you from Dubai

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Eli -
Hey guys, um don't really know how I came upon this site... and I'm sorry to read that you all suffer from this condition, I personally don't. Not trying to rub it in your faces or anything , just trying to point out that when ever I see people blushing or sweating excessively I might be one of those jerks that comments on it but honestly its no big deal... I would never think lower of someone who has those problems. To me, and probably most people it isn't really a big deal, sad to see so many of you turned down great opportunities because you thought people would look down at you. I am by no means an authority on this subject but if it is caused by psychological problems I recommend researching meditation,(buddhist, hindu, and eastern). Not trying to force my beliefs on anyone but I did suffer through a really bad depression a couple years back and meditation really helped me ... actually completely cured me. Well, thats just my two cents.. if its even worth that..

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Timothy Long - []
Facial Blushing, sweating, etc. is closely linked to anxiety. Meditation and mindfulness practices definitely help. Though highly anxious people tend to have great difficulty with such practices. After having suffered with this problem for many years, after trying all kinds of supplements and all kinds of therapies, I finally learned how to cure my blushing and related anxiety. I now teach and counsel others to do the same. Clearing the blushing and anxiety problem will greatly change your life in many positive ways. I work by phone and Skype with people from all over the world. Visit my counseling and life coaching website at

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Matt -
I use to suffer from blushing, my main issue was the mental aspects and I worked through the problem there myself, it is something that you just have to be mentally tough about and I am glad I went through it because I feel like a better person now. I also use metrogel which is a prescription topical medication for rosacea, blushing can be an early sign of rosacea and it only cost about 40 bucks every 2 or 3 months. I'll still get a little red in embarrassing situations or when I get angry, but who doesn't?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Julia - United States
I am realy relieved that other people have the same problem. It is very embarrassing when you are just talking and even if you are the slightest bit nervous then WHAMMY there comes the blush. Of course, the people you are talking to comment that your face is red, making it more red, making them say it is more red, causing a cycle of horror. I really wish that Timothy Long didn't sound like an infomercial. Oh well. The thing is, I would be very outgoing if my blushing wasn't there. The only guys I can talk to without blushing are ones that I think are completely unattractive!(I know I sound young, its 16itis)

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Michael - Jamaica
I've had this problem of Sweating. It may not be as severe as some of the cases described in this "forum" but its serious enough. My type of "sweat attacks" are triggered whenever I am put on the spot randomly for instance in class or if I have to make some sort of presentation in front of a group of persons. It may be associated with hyperhydrosis but I have come to realise that condition may be a bit more severe where people sweat even when not nervous. I have been told surgery is definetly not the best option nor is certain medications which have very intense side effects. Another option is injection but this is specified to certain parts of the body. With me I'm more concerned with facial sweating which affects me more and is the cause of much embarassment and aids in a lack of self confidence. I have heard of a natural herb known as Sage Herb. From what i have read it has the capability to reduce sweating by as much as 50%. I have not tried it as yet but i hope to and hopefully it will combat this problem. As anyone ever tried it? Or know of any other remedies ? Feel free to email me at the address. I know this is something that can be fought and prevented.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Paloma - Saba, Netherlands Antilles
hello! I wanted to know what I can do to stop my blushing? Sometimes I blush but other times I don't. So do you have any suggestions??

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Michelle - Idaho
In the past I had one v-beam laser treatment.My face was clear for the first time in years.We have since moved and the nearest v-beam available is 8 hours.I decided to have an IPL treatment.If any one that has Rosacea is considering this PLEASE do your research before you do, my face was so dry afterward it looked terrible!!!! and worse than before and it wasn't cheap.It was a waste of money.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Ben - Texas
It feels so good to know that there are people out there with the same problem as me. I am a confident person but I avoid a lot of social situations because I know that I will blush even when im not embarrassed! If theres any solution please let me know.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - neil - uk
I suffer from extreme blushing but it goes away after exercise or if i've just had an adrenalin rush. On my wedding day I never blushed once because of the adrenalin i was experiencing.In work though I blush constantly.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - jen - ohio
Wow, I felt so all alone until I read this. I have extreme blushing as well. I find a lot of times my face turns beet red when I am being asked a question by someone that I am not comfortable with, or running into someone at a grocery store, etc. I have let this condition 100% rule my life. I am in my mid twenties and this has crippled my existence. I am seeking help of any kind...even a fellow sufferer to talk to. I am willing to try anything..please!!!!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - coral - united kingdom
please i live in england and it is getting me down going red all the time but really cant afford that price is there anything you can do please can you contact me as soon as possible please .

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Phil - USA
I would like to find out about products that can help stop blushing

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Larry - Boston
I am following up regarding Steve's post pertaining to ArginMax. I am 34 years old and my facial blushing problem started when I was 21 in my first job after college, and it has been an absolute nightmare for 13 years. I don't know what triggered it, but it started after someone I really loved broke my heart, and from that day forward any time attention was focused on me with a direct question or during a dinner conversation, my face would turn purple. It doesn't help that I am irish too. What I have been reading in this forum is similar to a lot of things I have dealt with. I feel like I have zero social anxiety, I am very happy, and consider myself a very outgoing, social person. So to have a problem like this is mindboggling to me. I don't know if it is a chemical balance of some sort, but it has held me back with promotions at work, where I changed jobs if I knew I had to present to a room full of people etc. I was actually voted most popular in a senior class of 475 mainly from socializing with everyone in class no matter who they were. I was also interviewed commonly on television as I was successful in sports, yet all of this confidence that comes with being recognized in such a positive light has not changed, but how does a condition like this exist? After 13 years it has now got to a point where I am at my most desperate level. A time where I need to take my career to another level and the minute someone asks you a question and you turn bright red, I feel I am overlooked or I won't even interview for the job to avoid it happening. Which leads me back to ArginMax. I started taken 6 a day 13 days ago, and it is the only thing in 13 years that has somehow alleviated some of the facial blushing, and even better, the fear of facial blushing. I have occasionally taken Xanax over the years if I have a presentation, but this appears to have no side effects, and has actually improved my sex life. Xanax has the opposite effect with sex drive, which is why I refuse to take it often. I would highly recommend at least testing this product. If this can remain consistent, it will totally change my life instead of spending every day finding a way to avoid social situations because I know I will appear like a social disaster when mentally/emotionally I feel great, other than the fear of blushing.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - tomek - australia
i started to get this blushing problem after me and a girl who were in love with each other suddenly stopped talking i was to scared to talk to her cuz it was awkward and after that every time i saw her i couldnt look at her in the eyes and whenever people mentioned her name i blushed after that i think i became depressed but then i met a very beauiful girl who is my best friend now but i like her so when ever my friends make comments about me and her i blush i cant even talk to her cuz i blush and im embarrased!! it really gets me down and i take out my anger on the people i love which sux my blushing got really bad at the start of this year but i controlled it a bit i still blush when i see someone i know but i realised that the best and probably only way to treat this problem is by going to a phyciatrist because i watched this show and it said all u need to do is behaviour therapy which will change your brainwaves and change your reactions to negative blushing but to a nice big smile :D im going to go to my phyciastrist soon and ill will tell you guys how it goes because really it makes me be scared to be me and sometimes i wish i was people even people with quiet shy personalitys just so i wouldnt ve a blusher cya

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Mary - TN
Has anyone found a pill or a surgical procedure that has helped them out with blushing?? Im just so tired of it! But it feels good that others have the same problem! Email me!!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - wayne - bristol,england
i have sufferd from blushing since i was five years old and now i am forty five.Blushing has seriously blighted my life,regards as to having a relationship,feeling lonly.I would give anything to be able to have a relationship without having to worry if you are going to go red all the time.I have been and had the ETS operation twice and unfortunatly it did not work.Now i am try to conquer this problem by myself.If anyone has any ideals please email me

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - austin - ohio
i turn bright red when ever i talk to anyone. im just looking for tricks that will help me stop blushing.. email me plzz!!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Mohamed - South Africa
I too suffer from exessive facial sweating ,sometimes when doing absoltely nothing,while sleeping,sitting.Its a hellava condition ,I spoke to my doctor about the following drugs Ditropan, Robinul,Cogentin & pro-banthine ,he said pro-banthene should do the trick ,anyways I dunno ,I've heard that the germans use sage as a natural remedy for excessive sweating ,I think i'd try the natural stuff 1st,anyways good luck to all of you

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - mary -
Yeah... I'm a red head too. My excessive blushing started about a year ago. I used to be really outgoing, but I had a teacher who constantly made fun of me for blushing which really destroyed my confidence. I'm glad I found this website, so i'm not the only one! I'm not interested in any surgery or drug, but are there any natural supliments i can take to lessen ot?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Someone -
Wow and I thought I was the only one who is like this! Both my mother and I are like this. I'm guessing it's hereditary. I've had it since I was born.. and I'm 18 now. Honestly.. I'm quite outgoing, but because of the constant "blushing", it's turning me ingoing instead. I'd LOVE to participate in class and do presentations but because of the blushing I'm always so scared. I can just be talking to someone and my face would FLUSH red and I would feel it heat up and people would say "Hey why are you blushing?" But really, I'm NOT. It's seriously causing big problems in our lives. I wish there is a cure for this just like how I'm looking for a cure for my urge to go pee all the time. My mother went to the doctors and the doctor said it's something about the brain.. how it's unable to control the nerves in the cheeks properly. And there's really no cure for it.. so I guess we should all just try and get used to it.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Timo - England

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Rachael - UK
Hi, I am so glad i am not alone, for years i have been suffering with the blushing which now i believe to be caused by hyperhidrosis. I went to the doctor today to see what can be dont about it, i explained how when i get overlly emotional or go out for a drink etc i get this red hot blotchy rash that covers my chest and neck, i was told just to relax and that is is just something we all get from time to time, thats when i came home and found this website. I can relate to 'Tracey' I am getting married next year and i am dreading this part of it, i would be devestated if my wedding pictures came back and i looked like a red rash. I just dread the social situations now even when its going out with a group of close friends cause i know that when ever someone turns the conversation on me i feel the burning start which then makes me look down to see if i have the bloctchy rash which then draws attention to it, which then makes people say 'oh my! are you ok? youve got a really bad rash!' that just makes it worse and i want to run away. I have been out and brought the rescue remedy stuff today to see if that makes any difference, have looked on line and found a camouflaging make up called dermablend, dont know if that may be worth trying? I really dont want to have surgery if there is an alternative but i just dont know if there is one.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Ann - DE
I suffer from severe facial blushing as well. It's so frustrating to hear that so many of these treatment options prove ineffective. I was very excited when I first came across the Eradicane website, thought it might be finally the answer to all of my prayers and quickly ordered the 6 month supply. Unfortunately, I didn't find that it had any effect what-so-ever. I hope it works for some people, but b/c it's considered herbal and therefore does not require FDA approved, I feel like the company is just out to make some serious money from all of us who are willing to pay any price to escape from this nightmare.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - paul -
I suffer from severe facial blushing as well. It's so frustrating to hear that so many of these treatment options prove ineffective. I was very excited when I first came across the Eradicane website, thought it might be finally the answer to all of my prayers and quickly ordered the 6 month supply. Unfortunately, I didn't find that it had any effect what-so-ever. I hope it works for some people, but b/c it's considered herbal and therefore does not require FDA approved, I feel like the company is just out to make some serious money from all of us who are willing to pay any price to escape from this nightmare. Wow and I thought I was the only one who is like this! Both my mother and I are like this. I'm guessing it's hereditary. I've had it since I was born.. and I'm 18 now. Honestly.. I'm quite outgoing, but because of the constant "blushing", it's turning me ingoing instead. I'd LOVE to participate in class and do presentations but because of the blushing I'm always so scared. I can just be talking to someone and my face would FLUSH red and I would feel it heat up and people would say "Hey why are you blushing?" But really, I'm NOT. It's seriously causing big problems in our lives. I wish there is a cure for this just like how I'm looking for a cure for my urge to go pee all the time. My mother went to the doctors and the doctor said it's something about the brain.. how it's unable to control the nerves in the cheeks properly. And there's really no cure for it.. so I guess we should all just try and get used to it.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - THE ANSWER - New York City
THE ANSWER YOU ARE ALL LOOKING FOR IS CALLED THE VBEAM LASER. End of story. Usually one treatment with the VBEAM solves the problem of facial redness forever.

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The Answer: Its great that there is a quick fix (and expensive with lots of potential side effects). However, this service fails to address the direct issue that is psychosomatic. The mind and body have to work together otherwise issues can manifest.

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I get blotchy on my neck if I am in confronting situations, including difficult phone calls. I make a point of wearing turtle neck tops and putting makeup on my neck and face if I know I will be sitting at a table with intimidating people who will be staring at me. This gives me confidence because I feel people wont notice the problem even though I feel hot. I check in the mirror to make sure the makeup is not wearing off.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Michelle - MA
I have had severe blushing since I can ever remember; it did all start when I was giving a presentation in 7th grade! My blushing is everywhere from my face, neck, ears (get VERY red), upper arms, and even upper legs! I have tried everything outside of surgery, but I can share my most recent trials. I did try anti-depressants (such as Paxil)---did not work, made me wicked tired and did not cure the cause. The worst I have done was taken chlonidine---DO NOT TAKE IT! I would literaly be talking to someone and could fall asleep at the blink of my eyes, I would need to have a drink all the time (causes dry mouth), got very moody, and my muscles would ache. The best was when I tried to get off it, withdrawals! I was also excited to see about Eredicane, however per the blogs above, I agree $50 to not help! We have not seen any advice from doctors as to the cure; do you think there will ever be one? I am nervous.

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One last think, I have found that Revelon Colorstay works pretty well. It lasts all day and can cover up some of the blushing and costs about $10/bottle at Walmart. I am interested to learn more about Dermablend, I think I am going to go to Macy's to see what that is about. Wonder if you can wear it on your ears!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - John - Texas
Try a supplement called thermo burst. You can find it a GNC and really helps for me. The best thing i have found to work is just to ingest a lot of energy type stuff like caffeine. It helps you be more on top of what is going on in your environment and you can control it easier.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - John - Texas
I have found drinking cold fluids to work as well such as the yellow energy vitamin water.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Paola - FLORIDA
I have blushing too and i cant control it at all. What i do is carry around a frozen waterbottle everywhere i go. Since it is cold and my face gets hot, it helps a little. But still i need help. Anyone know of anything helpful?

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - tom - UK
I'm 22, and it only ocurred to me to do some research now, although I've had the same terrible blushing problem as most people here for 10 years. I thought it was my weakness as a person, that I just didn't know how to control my errant body properly, but apparently not. It's amazing to read that you've all been experiencing, almost to the letter, my own problems. I refuse to live under this curse anymore. I've started looking online for cures - any magical elixir that could end this absurdly crap and debilitating illness. I am in my second day on a month trial of Eredicane (seemingly the most promising supplement on the market) and, despite how early on it is, there seems to be some respite - my cheeks are slower to redden and far more pastel shaded than before when they do (sounds a bit arty but can't think of anything better to describe it). I'll let you know if it works any better at the end of the trial. I ordered GABA on it's own to see if, in its pure form, it might bury the problem once and for all. I have a lovely, active social life but recently the blushing has just got far too bad - I'm too aware of it, too sensitive to the slightest sympathetic glance from a friend. It's just so depressing. I've started to use excuses to avoid going out some nights, started going to bed early, feigning illness. It's terrifying. My blushing affects both cheeks evenly and, at its worst, is incredibly obvious due to my fairly pale skin tone everywhere else. I don't know about you guys but It really pisses me off nowadays when some insensitive bugger decides they need to comment on my face - as if they're the first person to notice - and I should fall to my knees in gratitude that they've alerted me to just how DAMN red my face has got this evening, and tell them earnestly that it won't happen again, very sorry. I'm so tired of people like this. It's all I want now - a cure for this, so that I can have cheeks the same colour as the rest of my face, no matter what situation I'm in. Good luck everyone - I'll post something when I've tried the GABA.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Michelle - MA
I went to GNC and bought does not work, I am going to see if I can get my $17 back this weekend. I am going to try Argin-Max per one of the above emails.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - tom - uk
The Eredicane just stopped working.... no idea why. Perhaps it really was a placebo after all. I think I've found one long term cure though, which I encountered completely by accident. I suspect most of you suffer from Rosacea, in its erythemia (probably the wrong spelling) form - which constitutes easy blushing due to anxiety, change of temperature etc. There's a treatement called IPL (intense pulsed light) that is AMAZING. I've had one course out of five and the results are incredible. It zaps the vessels in your cheeks/ affected area so that you actually can't blush. I was very nervous about it at first but go to www.the, for those of you in europe. There's probably plently of places in the USA that do it. It hurts like hell when it's being done and leaves your face a red mess for a few hours afterwards, but the next day onwards - it's been a week now - I've been really even skin toned. I went for dinner with some friends the other night and drank a few glasses of wine and a few whiskeys (usually enough to leave me puce), went to the toilet to have a look and there was hardly any change. I think this might be the solution!

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Antidepressents work. I know, I have tried. But the price of admission was to great for me...side affects is what I am referring to. They really sucked. The doctors who prescribe them don't care.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - MATT - Los angeles
hi. i also suffer from facial blushing but i have started to over come it naturally. i use to look up things all the time on how to stop blushing but nothing really seems to work. so i stated thinking to myself why am i blushing. why do i care what the other person thinks?. it really doesnt matter even if u do blush, so what!. do u ever notice why u feel comfertable around ugly people or people who dont matter to you at all and u DONT blush. just think the same way to people u think are above you. and u will not blush! i PROMISE!!. those people are not above you. no one is! so think that way all the time and u wont blush, im also answering jackie from canada. this will help. those poeple u talk to are not above you. just have a smile on your face and u will not blush. think you r at the top of the world

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - gaga - los angeles
i suffer from the same problem but after reading all these comments i think i have figured it out...WE BLUSH BECAUSE WE CARE TO MUCH ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK AND WE FEAR LOOKING LIKE A FREAK OR BEING JUDGED...when the truth is they probably have the same problem and blush and sweat from time to many people on here with the same issue you realize theres probably BILLIONS of people with the same issues and youre not alone and its not a big deal or anything to fear because you are NORMAL with the same problem that so many people have.THE LESS YOU CARE AND FACE THAT FACT THEN THE LESS YOU WILL SWEAT AND BLUSH!! thanks alot people!

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - GAGA - los angeles

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Allison - Canada
Like everyone else here, I have the same problem with blushing. I've tried so many things, I've lost count (GABA, magnesium, accupuncture, EFT, therapy,....) . I'm going to start hypnotherapy, and I'll let you know how it goes. I have a new job starting next week which I am terrified to start because of fear of blushing. It makes me feel so embarassed. I'm so glad this site is here - it really does make me feel less alone. Please feel free to email.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Tasha - Canada
Oh my goodness! I knew there were others out there...but hear your stories somewhat comforts me & frightens me at the same time. I find it hard to believe that there isn't a 'cure' yet for such a common condition. I am 30 years old & have been suffering from extreme facial/neck blushing/blotching & sweating for 10 years now!! I also avoid many social situations because of it - which I hate because I am outgoing & love people. I also really love it when people point out my blushing to if I didn't know. I'm currently pursuing some naturopathic alternatives & am awaiting results of blookwork (thyroid issue perhaps?? - but I doubt it). I hate living with this condition! Good luck to my fello 'blushers'.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - joe - UK
PROPRANOLOL is a drug that needs to be prescribed by your doctor. it really helps to control blushing and nervousness during public speaking and presentations. However i do not believe you can take it every day. Without it I could not have done the presentations I have done or gone through the interviews I have had to go through. In terms of a daily cure however, I do not have one.

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Linsey - U.K
Hi Try EFT emotional freedom therapy. Easy to learn and can be self taught. Lots of web sites that can explain technique. Its free and harmless

Re:Facial blushing/sweating - Jane - Australia
I have suffered with this problem since early teens, i am now 43. I have taken beta blockers for a few years and they definitely do work..but only use if know have something I am dreading, ie interview etc.