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Aerobic Life

Aerobic Life Stabilized Oxygen

Analytical Research Labs

Hair Mineral Analysis
Hair Mineral Analysis Sampling Instructions

Biomic Sciences

RESTORE Function / Usage Guidelines
RESTORE Directions for Use

Bio Nativus

Everything You Wanted to Know about Minerals
Bio Nativus Sensitive Eye Drops
Bio Nativus Trace Mineral Complex Solution
Bio Nativus Trace Mineral Information
Why Should We Take Minerals?
8 Reasons to Take Your Minerals

BioPharma Scientific

NanoGreens10 Antioxidant Test
NanoGreens10 Antioxidant Study
NanoGreens10 Study
NanoGreens10 Testimonials
NanoPro Vegan Information


CuZn Water Filters

Douglas Laboratories

Douglas Laboratories Calcigard

Extended Health

Extended Health Liver Support - Decrease Liver Cirrhosis Findings
Extended Health Liver Support Instructions
Extended Health Oral Chelation Clinical Studies Part 1
Extended Health Oral Chelation Clinical Studies Part 2
Heavy Metal Toxicity

Kenogen/Dr. Raymond Peat

Dr. Peat's Progest-E Complex
Women's Health and Hormone Specific Formulations



Premier Research Labs

Premier Adaptogen-R3 (Previously Adaptogen Complex)
Premier AdrenaVen (Previously Quantum Adrenal Complex)
AllerCaps (Previously Quantum AllerCleanse)
AloeProTM (Previously Aloe Drink)
Premier CereVen (Previously Quantum Brain Complex)
Premier Cleanse (Previously Quantum Cleanse Blend)
Premier Colostrum-IgG (Previously Quantum Colostrum)
Premier Coral Complex
Premier Coral Legend (Previously Quantum Coral Complex)
Premier Daily One (Previously Quantum Daily Multi)
Premier Digest (Previously Quantum Digest)
ErythroPro (Previously Blood Builder)
Fem Balance-FX (Previously Quantum Fem Balance)
Gallbladder-NDTM (Previously Gallbladder Nano-Detox)
How to Use PRL Products to Adjunct Liver Gallbladder Flush
Premier Greens (Previously Quantum Greens Mix)
Premier HCL
Premier HCL Activator
HCL Detox Kit
HyssinolTM (Previously Quantum Hyssop Complex)
Trim Body Whey Protein BlendTM (Previously Lean Body Whey)
Max B-NDTM (Previously Max Stress B)
Melatonin-NDTM (Previously Melatonin Nano-Plex)
Premier UltraPollen (Previously Quantum Multi-Pollen Extract)
Premier Nucleo Immune (Previously Quantum Nucleotide Complex)
Premier OcuVen (Previously Quantum Eye Complex)
Premier Olive Leaf Immune (Previously Premier Oleuropein)
Premier OsteoVen (Previously Quantum Bone and Joint Complex)
Premier Pregnancy Program
Premier Pregnenolone
Premier Probiotic Caps (Previously Quantum Probiotic Complex)
Premier ProstaVen (Previously Quantum Prostate Complex)
Premier RenaVen (Previously Quantum Kidney Complex)
Premier Testosterone (Previously Quantum Testosterone Complex)
Premier ThyroVen (Previously Quantum Thyroid Complex)
Tocotriene Ultra (Previously Tocotriene Complex)
Premier Turmeric (Previously Quantum Turmeric)
VenaMend (Previously Invisi-Vein)
XenoStatTM (Previously Xeno-Detox)
Vastu Proof Your Home
Make the Right Dental Choice

Pure Encapsulations

Vitamin D3
Ligament Restore
Zinc 30
The Glucarate Report

Pure Research

Del-Immune V Brochure

Quality First Coconut Oil

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
Scientific Research on Coconut Oil
Quality First Coconut Oil Home Uses

Sanesco International

Sanesco Adaptacin
Sanesco Contegra
HPA Collection Instructions
HP Collection Instructions
Sanesco Lentra GABA
Sanesco MethylMax
Sanesco Plenus
Sanesco Procite-D
Sanesco Prolent
Sanesco Sample Report
Sanesco Somni-TR
Sanesco Tranquilent


Dr. Loomis's 24-Hr Urinalysis
UA Collection Instructions
Carbohydrate Intolerance Pan Diet Guide
Dr. Loomis Enzyme Nutrition Article
Enzymes and You Brochure
General Maintenance HCL Diet Guide
Protein Intolerance Bil Diet Guide

ZRT Laboratory

About Blood Spot Testing
About Saliva Testing
All Inclusive Testing Instructions
About the Comprehensive Iodine Thyroid
Estrogen Dominance Patient Handout
Facts on Hormone Balance Patient Handout
Iodine Testing in Dried Urine
Male Hormone Profiles
Female Hormone Profiles
Symptom Checklist Female
Symptom Checklist Male
Thyroid Profile
Understanding Hormone Highs and Lows
Vitamin D Instructions
Vitamin D Patient Handout
How To Take Your Basal Body Temperature