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Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure

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Low Blood Pressure - Denny Hampton -
I have low blood pressure, this morning as an example was 106/68. Is there anything I can do to correct this? Denny

Re:Low Blood Pressure - Timothy Long - []
Certainly better than the opposite problem. It can be many reasons. Are you a vegetarian? Do you eat enough protein and mineral rich food?

Re:Low Blood Pressure - hyland - long beach, CA
I have low b/p. Usually 100-110/60-70. I have found that an adrenal glandular has really helped. I take Dessicated Adrenal by Standard Process Laboratories. I used to stand up and feel a little faint. Now my MD takes my b/p sitting and standing and they are the same where before the standing b/p would drop. Also drink more water. It increases the blood volume which helps the b/p. If you're hypoglycemic, more protein like Dr. Long said would help.

Re:Low Blood Pressure - Ruth - Florida
I have had low blood pressure - like 80/50. It took a while, but I discovered that it was due to MSG toxicity. Note what you have eaten prior to the episodes. There are other foods and/or additives that can give you low blood pressure. Do some detective work.