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Oral & Armpit Temperature

Oral & armpit temperature

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Oral & armpit temperature - Pam - []
My sister has been keeping track of her oral and armpit temperature. There seems to be vast difference between them. It runs about:98.4 orally and 95.4 armpit. Why is there such a big difference. Thanks.

Re:Oral & armpit temperature - Timothy Long - []
For purposes of testing the thyroid, I like taking the oral tempurature. I find getting accurate armpit temps to be more difficult. The armpit is usually at least a degree less. Being three degrees less in this case is possibly a bit much. Does she normally have a cool exterior? For instance her hands, feet, nose, and general overall skin tempurature? What is her pulse rate?

Re:Oral & armpit temperature - Pam - []
Hi: Thanks for the reply. Her hands and feet are usually cold. She states that after dinner in the evening there are times when her nose is frosty. Her pulse runs from 78-84 on a regular basis. She has been taking the Thyroid Tissue for 17 days now - Started with 1 and has increased to 1 1/2 per day divided. Her armpit temperature has been as low as 93.3 with corresponding oral of 97.5; 93.6 and 96.4 oral; 94.4 and 96.3 oral. Her last 93.-- armpit temp. was on day 14 of taking the Thyroid Tissue. She has had one racing pulse since taking the Thyroid Tissue. She is also using Progesterone E Complex for hot flash control. What we are wondering is --since she's been in such depleted functioning thyroid shape for so long that it may take some time for her body to return to "normal". We had also assumed that the armpit temp. would be at least a degree less but to be as low as 4.2 degress less then oral temp. concerned us. Pam

Re:Oral & armpit temperature - mattew hill - australia (Aussie!) []
oral hardly accurate. btw for females temps can vary with the female cycle - males are constant :-) hope that xplains it and that racing heartbeat i HAD with "treatment" is a sign of HYPE thyroid. i think you should test for adrenals as well. the test is at Hope that helps! i had low Body temps from THAT cause with a TEST a doctor done. Nurse was SHOCKED! I DOne a victory dance!!!

Re:Oral & armpit temperature - Edward - U.S.
I've always heard that rectal temps are the most accurate. In testing for a low thyroid, would it be better to take the temperature rectally?

Re:Oral & armpit temperature - C.Shaw - Re:Rectal temperature []
Granddaughter's age 3 rectal temp was 94.3 What would cause this and why did the doctors not do a blood work-up or other tests to find the cause?