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Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety - Gail -
For the past several months, I have been noticing that I am more anxious in social situations than before. I have wondered if my symptoms point to depression, but think that generalized anxiety may be closer. I have a difficult time being "in the moment" and feel tense and stressed much of the time, especially in social situations. I am looking for a natural supplement/herb that might assist me. Would Valerian be a good choice?

Re:Social Anxiety - John -
I also suffered from this and have experienced wonderful results from accupuncture. I suggest finding an accupuncturist who does authentic Chinese accupuncture, or what is sometimes called 5 elements accupuncture; someone who has studied the chinese methods, who does pulse diagnosis. These practioners also often reccommend herbs. For everyone, a good chinese medicine practioner/accupunturist can help with many problems.

Re:Social Anxiety - Timothy Long - []
Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be helpful. EFT and Gestalt therapy are very helpful, depending on the therapist. I have had great results using EFT and Gestalt therapy, also Focusing and somatic therapies to clear my clients social anxiety, blushing, insomnia, depression, traumas, etc. I also encourage simple forms of meditation, mindful practices and deep breathing. Also, be aware that too much sugar or caffeine can increase these symptoms. Often the adrenal glands need to be supported as well. I work with my clients on the emotional and mind level, as well as nutritionally to resolve anxiety issues. Clearing anxiety, social anxiety and blushing is my specialty. For more information, visit my psychotherapy and holistic coaching website at

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