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DHEA - Judy -
Do you think taking DHEA as a supplement is wise? I think I read somewhere in your material that you don't think it is, but I was wondering why.

Re:DHEA - Timothy Long - []

I do not think it is wise to casually take DHEA without having a good reason. You should test first. You can take a hormone test to find out all your hormone levels, including DHEA. 

 DHEA can easily convert into estrogen which there is often too much of already. Excess estrogen can lead to cancer. On the other hand, I do believe in the use of natural progesterone and pregnenolone which can bring about the same results, they are a lot safer use. They help to balance the other hormones like estrogen and testosterone. The body can also convert progesterone and pregnenolone to estrogen when needed, and these hormones protect against cancer and protect against excess estrogen damaging the body. Pregnenolone is the mother-food of all the other hormones including DHEA. Pregnenolone is made in the body from healthy cholesterol. In today's wrong-minded ideas around many low fat diets there is often a lack of production of pregnenolone and therefore DHEA, and then progesterone, which are made from it. At the same time there is too much estrogen because our environment and foods are swimming in it thanks to the chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Progesterone and pregnenolone protect the body against cancer and many other diseases and are anti-aging, and they bring about a balance of hormones. Whereas DHEA can lead to imbalances, as too much estrogen and testosterone in relation to these other "safe" hormones can lead to disease. As quoted from Dr. Raymond Peat: "The body can also convert progesterone and pregnenolone to estrogen when needed. Although books do show potential pathways that could lead from progesterone to estrogen, I don't think these really operate except in extremely disturbed conditions. Since pregnenolone can change into either progesterone or DHEA, it is a precursor for estrogen."

We carry pregnenolone and natural progesterone Progest E Oil. If you do need DHEA, we carry Premier DHEA and we carry Pure Encapsulations DHEA in small mg doses that I consider safe. It really does matter the brand, especially when it comes to hormones. The brands on my website have all been well researched to be pure. 

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Re:DHEA - . -
Thank you so much for explaining my question on DHEA. I am already on natural progesterone because of excess estrogen. Thankfully, I found out about it after a gynecologist prescribed Provera for hyperplasia. I read Dr. John Lee's book on natural progesterone and it was the answer to my problems. No harmful side affects like Provera, which Dr. Lee shows in his book from the Physicians Desk Reference.

I am looking for PREGNENOLONE urgently.

Re:DHEA - Elizabeth - Michigan- USA
I began taking DHEA about a year ago and within 24 hours the chronic depression I had suffered for years totally disappeared and I felt like normal human being again. I have not had a depressed day since then except when I've neglected to take the DHEA for more than a day or two in a row. Yesterday my doctor ordered tests to determine my DHEA level as he thinks I may still be low in DHEA. Should I be concerned about taking this if know I have a deficiency and am being monitered by a doctor?

Re:DHEA - Mahabir - Chandigarh
I want to increase testosterone(A white crystalline steroid hormone, C19H28O2, produced primarily in the testes and responsible for the development and maintenance of male secondary sex characteristics) level in my body.Can you suggest me the available source of this in India.

Re:DHEA - TM - Oklahoma
I lost my ovaries due to adhesions and against my doctors wishes used natural progesterone cream. I did alright for about a year and then started to lose energy. I now realize that I just need a small does of estrogen, but my doctor put me on 1.50 premain and said "I told you so." Rather quickly (about 1 and a half months) I notice facial hair and my doctor said not to worry it will go away. Well it never did go away and 7 months later I noticed it getting worse and all over my body. I had my hormone levels check and I was hypothyroid 14.5 WOW! and my cortisol and dhea levels were very high. I started to use natural progesterone again and quit taking the estrogen and my thyroid came back after only 1 month 5.5, but my dhea levels have increased. I don't know if I should continue the natural progesterone cream because in Dr. Lee's book it says that using natural progesterone cream will raise dhea to normal levels when dhea is low. Can you give me any insight? Thank You

Re:DHEA - Ruth - Fl
I took DHEA a few years ago, because it was supposed to be so good for older people, since their bodies are usually low on it. For a while it was OK in that I didn't notice any difference. I took it sporadicly. Then a strange thing began to happen. I began to get very sleepy storly after taking it. Since it did not taste bad I would put the tablet under my tongue. One day at work it was about 9:30, and I still had part of this tab. under the tongue and noticed again the sleepy feeling. Well, the lights went on. Did some research and found that DHEA cascades down and becomes MELATONIN!! BTW I started used Progesterone cream and had a return of hot flashes. Also too much Boron will give me hot flashes.