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Fibroid Tumors

Fibroid tumors

Fibroid tumors - Anita - Seattle []
Does Dr. Long or anybody out there know of good natural treatments for fibroids? Minecause frequent urination and 2 heavy day periods that stop and then re-start about 2 days later...with a lighter flow. Weird, but I'm concerned when my stomache swells up sometimes. No pain yet. Can I shrink them with diet, supplements or exercise?

Re:Fibroid tumors - Timothy Long - []
Yes, supporting your thyroid is very important, as well as using natural progesterone. See Dr Peat's Progest E Oil 

Re:Fibroid tumors - Anita - Seattle []
Is the natural thyroid similar to Armour thyroid? I have been on Armour thyroid for a little over a year. I take 1-1 1/2 grains per day...even though I did not test hypothyroid, I did have low body temp in AM. Usually 96.5- 97 degrees under the arm. I have tried natural progesterone cream to no avail. It seemed to make me moody. I also get swollen glands in my neck and weird discoloration on my tongue right before my menstrual cycle. Does anybody else ever experience these symptoms?

Re:Fibroid tumors - Anita - Seattle []
What is in the natural thyroid you sell? Is it animal product..pork or beef thyroid?

Re:Fibroid tumors - Timothy Long - See our natural thyroid support products, all thyroid support options here

Re:Fibroid tumors - Carita - Chicago []
I have a fibroid tumor and I have been bleedonf for three weeks. I have been taking high dosages of vitamin A. How and when will the bleeding stop?

Re:Fibroid tumors - Roz Renteria - San Bernardino [cheritta]
I have a fibroid tumor. My doctor told me it was a size of a marble at this time. I urinate all day and my stomach feels as if it's swollen at times. I bought coenzyme Q10 and primrose.I would like to shrink it, but I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing.What can I do about my frequent urination problem? I also get tired and I just want to sleep sometimes.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Roz Renteria - Sanbernardino []
I have a fibroid tumor. My doctor told me it was a size of a marble at this time. I urinate all day and my stomach feels as if it's swollen at times. I bought coenzyme Q10 and primrose.I would like to shrink it, but I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing.What can I do about my frequent urination problem? I also get tired and I just want to sleep sometimes.

Re:Fibroid tumors - kathy - arizona [poison daisy 69]
I have fiberiod cysts on my ovaries.At one time my menstruation lasted for nine months. I have been put on birth control pills for at least 2&1/2 years now . Can these cysts turn to cancer?

Re:Fibroid tumors - Rosie - California [p_vishwa]
I have a fibroid tumor, size of a orange. My doctor simply told me that there is no natural treatment available. I know there are people out there who have treated their firboids naturally. Can someone help. I have tried progesterone cream for 4 months but it not help much in shrinking the fibroid but I managed to get rid of some of my PMS signs. Can some tell me how to shrink fibroids.

Re:Fibroid tumors - tempie nisbett - west palm beach []
i have 2 fibroid tumors that are 3 cm's each. what kind of foods should i eat so that they don't increase in size.

Re:Fibroid tumors - tiffany - los angeles []
when i was 17 i had surgery to remove a fibroid tumor from my left breast but now that im 20 i had bad stomach pain for a whole month and a swollen stomach and i havent had a period for almost 3 months could i just be pregnant?

Re:Fibroid tumors - shelia - elizabeth, nj []
I have fibroid thats the size of grapefruit. I had one operation already and they grew back. I don't wont a second operation. Could you tell me what I can do to shrink them, either thru herbal treatment or natural treatment. Thanks.

Re:Fibroid tumors - ann - uk []
I also have fibroid it is 13cm. I am also looking for a natural way to shrink them

Re:Fibroid tumors - Tracy Robinson - Atlanta, Georgia []
I was told that I have a fibroid in the center of my uterus the size of a grapefruit. The only problem I see is that I have to urinate often. Is there a natural remedy or herb that I can take to reduce this fibroid.

Re:Fibroid tumors - pat alegre - No. California []
I have a thyroid problem I thought I had in control with taking noni juice for over three years now. Lately, I picked up a bad cough/cold virus and my thyroid I notice caused me to have shortness of breath, unable to sleep without coughing. Notice the room must be heated warm or, it will keep me up all night. I am disperate for a new solution. Still taking my noni juice for energy.

Are there any natural solution to help shrink fibroids

Re:Fibroid tumors - Lannette - new york []
I have a fibroid the size of a twelve week old fetus. I am trying to shrink them naturally. I am getting colonics. After I finish the colonics I will cleanse my liver, kidneys, blood, spleen and skin. I eat organic foods and I am presntly taking vitalzyme, myomin, and progesterone. Vitalzyme has an enzyme in it that helps shrink masses. I read about a product called u-o-clear that is good at cleaning clots and sputum out of the uterus. Do you have any suggestions. I started taking the myomin last month and my period was not as heavy as it usually is, nevertheless it is still heavy. Do you have any suggestions please. I recently read two articles that mentioned black molasses inserted into the vagina ten days prior to mentruation helps shrinks fibroids. The capsules with black molasses is held in place with a tampon and a chammomile douche is to be used in the morning. Any suggestion is appreciated.

Re:Fibroid tumors - - []
I have three uterine fibroid tumors. Altogether they make me appear to be three months pregnant. I'm looking for natural alternatives to shrink and possibly eliminate the tumors. Do you have any suggestions?

Re:Fibroid tumors - Barb - []
Try Progest E Oil. Dr. Peat recommends this, it helps with all hormones, and it helps the tyroid gland naturally.

Re:Fibroid tumors - rock - []
Has anyone who has a uterine fibroid experienced bowel or bladder pressure? I think my uterus is pressing on my bladder. My fibroid id 4.5 cent. It may be affecting my kidney.I have to have an mri to confirm. I am just wondering if anyone out there has experienced this. I am researching fasting, changing my diet and other natural remedies.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Beverly Garner - New York []
I went to have an abdominal sonogram and the doctor said I have a fibroid that is big. I am scared to have surgery. Is there an alternative to surgery?

Re:Fibroid tumors - Margaret - British Columbia, Canada []
To Rock & I also have the same problem a 14 weeks fetus size uterus, pressure on bladder, fequent urination I had sonogram yesterday & also have ovarian cyst right beside fibroid, pushing against each other. Dr. wants hysterectomy I dont. Am reserching natural ways to shrink both. Including juicing.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Patrick - Orlando []
I have a large tumor in my rectum that is non-cancerous. I am desperately trying to find a natural way to shrink or remove it. Can anyone shed some light here for me? I've been trying Paw Paw tablet suppositories so far.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Kim - Sacramento []
I have several fibroid tumors in my uterus and cervix. They do not bother me except to have heavy periods. My grandma told me a friend of hers soaked flannel in olive oil and laid it across her stomach, you then keep a heating pad on the flannel for an hour and within 3 months the fibroids were gone. I don't know if this works but I am willing to try.

Re:Fibroid tumors - DEB - JACKSON []

Re:Fibroid tumors - Rhonda Speights - Chicago, IL []
Hello, I have had fibroid tumors for many years, I have even had surgery, and they were back within a year. I am looking for a holistic way of dealing with them and the symptons.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Rosanna G - []
I have successfully treated my fibroids and cysts holistically for several years now, virtually eliminating the need for the immediate hysterectomy the doctors were so eager to perform. I am more than willing to share details with anyone who's interested. I would also strongly recommend a book by Dr. Allan Warshowsky entitled "Healing Fibroids: A Doctor's Guide To A Natural Cure". He explains the relationship between fibroids and balance in the body, the menstrual cycle, stress, foods, even toxins in the environment. He covers treatments (traditional, complementary and alternative), exercise, how to deal with doctors and everything in between. It's the book I wish I'd had back when this all started.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Carol - Sacramento []
Hi. I have/had five fibroids, the largest 8.1 cm. Also, massive fatigue, hair loss, stomach issues, insomnia, low body temp, low bp. I have been taking Vitamin B for hair loss, natural progesterone pellets (ProgonB) for cycle, Wilsons temperature syndrome herbs (Thyrocare) for low body temp, Vitalzyme since body temp low/lack of enzymes and for fibroid reduction, and recently, the thing that has left me feeling more energized - a candida/parasite cleanse. I will also incorporate a liver cleanse and heavy metal cleanse and am having my mercury fillings removed. Hulda Clark has an interesting theory and book "The Cure for All Cancers" all about parasites and their relation to uterus and fibroids and cysts. I know from doing the parasite cleanse that I absolutely have parasites - am actually very shocked by it.

Re:Fibroid tumors - zari - pakistan []
i have a fibroid about 3cm and i have a pain in my right side my all test are clear.the fibroid is upper side of the utres.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Cindy - Los Angeles []
Hello, I have several fibroids,the range of size is about 2.3 cm, Is here anything that is natural that works on shrink the fibroids.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Patty - California []
I had fibroids that made my uterus the size of a 4 mo pregnancy. I started taking Squalamax 3 months ago (3 caps/day) I can no longer feel any lumps in my abdomen. Absolutely no side effects!! Hope this information helps others.

Re:Fibroid tumors - cas - Newark []
I have a large fibroid on my uterus and a large cyst on both my ovaries. Will juicing help shrink them.

Re:Fibroid tumors - marie jeanty - 99-17 217th lane queens village ny 11429 []
I have two big fiboid about 6cm and two small ones with irregular menstrual flows i would like to get pregnant. What can i do to shrink those fibroids.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Denise - pa []
i have 3 fibroids,one large.I have heavy periods the first 2 days I have to wear depends.then its lighter.I'm 48 and just found out I'm also anemic.are they any natural remedys out there to shrink these ?

Re:Fibroid tumors - Judy - []
I have a fibroid tumor the size of a small egg and for the last 3 years my peroids have been a little irregular and heavy at times . I have had 6 lupron depot shots.the last on the 28 of nov. 10 days later I had a peroid for 3 days stoped 2 days now I.m spoting again.Does anyone else have the dark brown discharge? I have had that for 28 days at a time.I have lupus also don't want to have the fibroid taken out already lost gallbladder an had c-section.With the lupron I was told that after 6 shots I should be through the change wrong! (sometimes I wonder if they know what to do.)Please if anyone knows how to shrink the tumor please e-mail me. thanks Judy

Re:Fibroid tumors - Lannette - Harlem []
I am 36 years old and I have been battling fibroids since I was 19. I tried colonics, acupuncture, homeopathic, and holistic medicine to help shrink the fibroids. I used myomin(cuts down on estrogen dominance) and Neprinol(enzymes that eat away at scar tissue and fibroids). Although I utilized this regimen religiously for one and a half years my fibroids did not shrink. Fortunately, they did not grow either. Last August I had a myomectomy. I had three fibroids. Two ere small and one was big. The biggest one took 4 hours to be removed. My surgeon said the fibroids was stuck to my uterus like glue. Thank god he didn't give up and decided to remove the entire uterus. Nevertheless, I had two bowel obstructions after surgery which had to be corrected by two additional surgeries. Although the fibroids are gone, they can grow back. Eventhough my regimen prior to surgery did not shrink my fibroids, I believe it prevented the fibroids from growing. As a result, I began using the Neprinol enzymes and a new product called Brevail. Brevail has been proven to help with estrogen dominance and many other ailments. I only eat organic dairy and I try to eat as much oraganic meat as possible. My weakness is caffeine, but I have to try to eliminate caffeine since there is a link between caffeine and tumor growth. Prior to using Neprinol I was suing Vitalzyme. Vitalzyme and Neprinol are equally as good but you will have to take twice as many Vitalzyme capsules to be equally as effective as the Neprinol. I new procedure using MRI rays was approved in October to help shrink fibroids. The procedure is noninvasive, but there is little information about long term side effects. I am really trying to prevent having another operation. Good luck to all of you battling this horrific ailment.

Re:Fibroid tumors - clara - puerto rico []
hi, ladies , I am using a product, neprinol , is a miracle product to shrink fibroids, I KNOW HOW HARD IT IS , PLEASE TRYED IF IS GOOD FOR ME SHOULD BE GOOD FOR ALL OF YOU WITH THE SAME PROBLEM.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Amy Brula - VA []
I have a large fibroid about 8cm. I have some smaller ones too. I don't want surgery, are there some natural ways to stop the growth?

Re:Fibroid tumors - Amy Brula - VA []
I have a large fibroid about 8cm. I have some smaller ones too. I don't want surgery, are there some natural ways to stop the growth?

Re:Fibroid tumors - Maxlyn Noble - []
I am 41 years old and had a myomectomy and removed one ovary 2 years ago. My period went down from 10 days to 3 days, pain also decreased significantly, but the flow in the 2nd 24hrs is very heavy, but only during that time. I had a colonic yesterday and am now in pain. The pains I'm feeling are like before I had my surgery. Has anyone every experienced pain after doing a colon cleanse? Is there any evidence, observed or documented of a negative connection between colonics and fibroids?

Re:Fibroid tumors - Niecy - New York []

Re:Fibroid tumors - Donna - []
Your fibroids are large like mine. Mine is up to a sixth month pregnancy. I am also looking for a natural way to shrink them. I entered Myomin in Google and found this site. I am from Wisconsin, USA. I have been researching this subject since August 2003. Hysterectomies were highly advised. I am all entacked yet. I have pain, because for some reason the fibroids are expanding more each day as of Feb. 15, 2006. I am going to try natural progestrone cream, natural thyroid, and Vitalzym (just enter in a Google search). I have stopped all SOY and vegetable oils. Only use butter and pure olive oil. My menses have totally stopped for 12 months as of Jan. 2006. If you wish to contact me and let me know what you have tried and the outcomes--I am interested and I am praying for all of you.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Chantale Joseph - virginia beach []
I have 3 fibroid about 6cm each. One is over my bladder, I was thinking of having UT embolization done, but I would rather shrink them the natural way if there exixt any. Please let me know. Thank you

Re:Fibroid tumors - zayne - sydney [] fibroid is 10cm in diameter, i have started on herbal remedies for my liver and spleen and thyroid and a lymphatic cleanse, also i have to eat the head of a raw brocoli daily, im not allowed milk butter or eggs,,i dont eat red meat or pork but i can have chicken and seafood and potatoes..mostly foods that are liver friendly..the milk etc only makes them grow bigger!!! faster...i drink tetleys tea, black only my herbalist says i must have another scan in a 2months...hopefully they will be gone by then...

Re:Fibroid tumors - Holmes - north carolina []
i have a fibroid tumor and i look like i'm 7 months pregnancy. i have no prombles yet. can anyone help me? i'm tired of looking pregnancy. i don't want to be cut on.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Darleen - NYS [stevedarcaats]
Hello, A friend of mine was going to have surgery for large Fibroid but then decide to try this product and she never needed the surgery after using this product. This product can take several months to desolve tumors but it would be better then surgery at any cost!

Re:Fibroid tumors - Lisa - Louisana []
Hello, I have two fibroids on each side. I never had any children, a virgin. I wanted to find out how can I shrink my fibroids using a multivitamin and adding magnesium ; and not eating any red meat? I don't have any heavy periods, just on somedays I have some pain. Can anyone offer any advice on what I can do to shrink the fibroids. I am only 37 yrs old.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Pat - Stockton, CA []
Almost a year since I wrote my comment... and I found stem enhance and it works! I got my health back and able to breath, more energy, and able to walk in the malls again! I am still taking divan, correg, lasex, and potassium. The stem enhance is a natural product that replaces my damage cells in my body with new cells. I am a happier and healthy person now!

Re:Fibroid tumors - kim - michigan []
One natural way that i have decided to try is an all natural product called Fibrovan. They have a website(

Re:Fibroid tumors - cynthia elvis - Nigeria []
i have two fairly large fibriod tumors is there any herbal drug or natural products to remove the fibriod

Re:Fibroid tumors - kim - toronto []
i have these serious pain in my back and womb, is there any nature product out there i could used for the pain and also to shrink the fibriod in the process that not to expensive, but works.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Olajumoke - Nigeria []
I want my fibriod to disappear and want to get pregnant easily.I am already 36yrs

Re:Fibroid tumors - Princess Knowles-Johnson - Nassau, Bahamas []
I also have fabroid, and my suggestion to all of you ladies is to get your hands on some NONI JUICE and i can assure you your troubles with this ailment will be over.

Re:Fibroid tumors - gracy - India []
I am 40 and I also have fabriod which is 10 cms and the doctor said there is nothing to worry it will shrink when menstrual cycle stops. but my stomach appears to look like i'm 5 months pregnant. i have no prombles yet. can anyone help me? i'm tired of looking pregnant.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Dee - Houston
I'm wondering if anyone has tried this fibrovan. I went to the website and am considering trying it. I am 40 yold and I have 3 fibroid tumors. My stomache looks about 3 mos. pregnant and because they're on my bladder, I urinate constantly. My doctor has recommended a myomectomy, but I want to see what else I can do.


Re:Fibroid tumors - LILIYA - NEW YORK []
my period started yesturday. the menstruation blood was dark red almost brown and today i woke up there is no blood on my pad, why is this and what has happedned, but when i use the bathroom i wipe my self and i see the same color i saw yesturday. this is my second day, what is happening and why?

Re:Fibroid tumors - tola - nigeria []
i have been diagnosed with a large fibroid and advised to have a surgery to remove it due to the discomfort. i opted for natural therapy of juicing and to the glory of God it is working although am yet to have a scan to confirm the size but believe me i feel better with no more back aches and bloated tummy

Re:Fibroid tumors - Ricai - []
I have several fibroids some small some big. Amazingly i don't experience any problems. But I may want kids someday so I want to shrink them naturally. My doctor said I was a good candidate for Myomectomy(removing fibroids) but I don't want surgery. I'm considering taking Noni Juice. It cheaper compared to other natural meds. I've heard the results are amazing.

Re:Fibroid tumors - char - hawaii []
I would like to know what foods to avoid with fibroids and cysts. And also what vitamins to avoid that will thin the blood to avoid the prolong and heavy bleeding.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Beverly Harris - Los Angeles, CA []
Has anyone had any experience with taking Fibrovan? If so, what were they?

Re:Fibroid tumors - stephanie - San Diego []
I too would like to know if anyone had success with Fibrovan? I have had constant chronic back and right hip pain that has NOT been alleviated by any chiropractic or medical doctor/specialist. I am certain there must be a link even though my fibroids are numerous but small. Any stories to share I am open ears!!

Re:Fibroid tumors - Maria -
Hi all, please read "The Journey" by Brendon Bays, she healed herself from her "football size" tumor within 6 and 1/2 weeks and you might find her inspirational. No expensive treatment, no medicine.., read the book and be opened to try it for yourself.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Toni - chicago []
Hi there, I would appreciate if anyone out there with similar problem tells me if you have any advice on how to naturally shrink a large fibroid. Mine is 8cm by 6cm, and I’ve had a bath with yarrow plant immersed in water for about 40 days so far, 3-4 hours a day. The treatment takes 90 days. However, I didn’t notice change in fibroid size. I’m not sure what would happen if I stop this treatment since the fibroid is irritated. Thanx for your time.

Re:Fibroid tumors - RIZALINA rAMOS - LAGUNA WOODS , CA.92637 []
Please help me to get a natural remedies for my fibroid tumors which is 6 cm already.

Re:Fibroid tumors - RIZALINA rAMOS - LAGUNA WOODS , CA.92637 []
Please help me to get a natural remedies for my fibroid tumors which is 6 cm already.

Re:Fibroid tumors - emeka obinabo - enugu nigeria []
please help with remedy for sub mucuos fibroids thjt is 13cm diameter

Re:Fibroid tumors - emeka obinabo - enugu nigeria []
please help with remedy for sub mucuos fibroids that is 13cm diameter

Re:Fibroid tumors - dora - ct []
i have been dx with a 6cm uterine fibroid and am looking for holistic solutions that work. what has helped you? can you post success stories.. thank you.

Re:Fibroid tumors - cindiong - Sg []
My fibroid is 6.1cm and causes very heavy bleeding with blood clots.Dr suggests removal of uterus. I'm 48 going to menopause and was told of post surgery complications. Any natural remedies?

Re:Fibroid tumors - eunice lawson - south africa []
where can one find noni j.uice and fibrovan. can pregnancy occur while taking these medication? cos I'm tryin to get pregnant

Re:Fibroid tumors - eunice lawson - south africa []
where can one find noni j.uice and fibrovan. can pregnancy occur while taking these medication? cos I'm tryin to get pregnant

Re:Fibroid tumors - Katie - U.S. []
I have had symptoms for a long while now, beginning over a year ago with random black chin hairs which I talked to my ob about since I read they could indicate polycystic something-or-other. She blew it off; since then I have had an increased thin clearish/whitish discharge (annoying), and now within the past two or three months my acne increased, my period has shortened in duration but consists of very heavy red blood (not the brownish-red blood usually present), and a longer time of PMS prior. My cycle used to be 24 days and is now 27 or 28 days. I have had increasing random abdominal pains. I can also now feel a pressure in my abdomin (since a few days after Christmas) which would make me think I was pregnant if I were sexually active, which I am not (have not been in several years). Sometimes when I eat certain things, it feels like it moves!! I have an appt set for the gyno but am trying to do everything I can while waiting such as consuming garlic and onions & dark leafy greens, taking flax oil and multivitamins and drinking only distilled water. I think it must be a fibroid or something...anyone know of these symptoms to give me an idea of what this is exactly?

Re:Fibroid tumors - sunny - san francisco []
hi, i was recently diagnosed with fibroid tumors--the largest measures 13 cm.--the size of a grapefruit. i am 34 years old and would like to get pregnant. the doctors at kaiser tell me that it is possible to carry a pregnancy full term with a tumor that large. i just find that hard to believe--and will the tumor cause any harm to the baby throughout the pregnancy? has anyone out there been able to get pregnant and safely carry the baby to term?

Re:Fibroid tumors - rasheeda - philly []
My fibroid is about the size of a grapefruit. I have had one removed years ago and I don't want to go through that procedure again. Someone told me there is an herb that will break up and expell the fibroid. Can someone please give me some advice on which one?

Re:Fibroid tumors - precious brazil - Pgh []
the doctors said that i have three fibiods and i'am trying to change my eating habits with the help of my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and trying to excerise. but i'm still not sure what food i can and can't eat .And how do you shrink the fibiods to not have any problems. i been eating more salads but is mustard & vinagar and olive a good dressing? or should i stop.

Re:Fibroid tumors - 1EarthMother - Louisiana [1EarthMother]
Immediate relief. NEW non-invasived ultrasound treatment. Highly successful outpatience procedure. Targets only the fibroids. To me, ultrasound IS 'natural'. Please read about it and find a gynecologist in your area who uses it.

Re:Fibroid tumors - Tarrita - Virginia []
Hi, I removed my fibroids naturally and I wrote my experience on I am a real person and I put my contact info on the site. I have helped 3 of my friends so far, and maybe the information will help someone else.

Re:Fibroid tumors - astoria - bahamas []
my doctor told me that my fibroids are to small to take out im 23 and they are causing me to bleed clots and be very painful, should i take them out????????????

Re:Fibroid tumors - mb - new york []
I found out I had fibroids when I was pregnant with my last child at age 31. I had him full term with no problems. I knew there would be problems in the future having fibrods so young. I am now 47 and since last year would have awful periods. I would clot on my first day, sixth day, or tenth day. I never knew. I just had a laparoscopic hyster- ectomy three days ago and I couldn't be happier. My daughter is getting married in four months and I can dance at her wedding without worrrying about having another bad period!

Re:Fibroid tumors - Caroline - Ireland []
I have 5 fibroids that have doubled in size in the last 10 months. Doctor wants to do hysterectomy. I am 47 and do not want this. I have used vitalzym for four of these months plus natural progestrone cream.I have started to use neprinol because I dont have many choices. It is very expensive. I have also bought a cd on visualising healing fibroids naturally. I can feel the lumps and can feel a drag and my stomach is huge.I have no sex drive and pain in my hips. Have had massage and physio to no avail. Have heard that raw beey therapy is good if you have one every day for a month to six weeks. Couldnt keep this up. Help.

Re:Fibroid tumors - C.Smith - Baltimore, MD []
I was told a few months ago I had fibroids. I'm only 28 and want to have children...soon! Based on what my gyn says I need to have surgery to have kids. I stumbled across this product name "U O Clear" for ovarian cyst and fibroids. I can't say it has healed my fibroids but I've finished my first bottle and have felt a difference. I've been journaling my cycle pattern before I started taking the herb. I'm not as tired anymore, less urination, no more bleeding in between my period, no more clots in my period either (honestly I've only had 1 period since I started U O but usually there's a lot of clots and the last time there weren't much of any). I forgot to take it one day and felt symptoms coming on, took the dosage I was supposed to take and felt better. I'm scheduled for surgery on May 11, 2007 and I am praying they'll reduce to a smaller size by the end of April. If anyone reading this blog has slight symptoms and have been diagnosed with fibroids by a gyn I would highly recommend trying this natural alterntive.

Re:Fibroid tumors - LOVELY79 - MCLEAN, VA []

Re:Fibroid tumors - nazenor - Tx
Lovely79, how long did it take & what was your dosage? How big were your fibroids? I just started Fibrovan a week ago with brevail & am wondering how long it will take to finally get my bod back to normal. Did you have an ultrasound confirmation that the fibroids are dissolved? I'd love to see the look on your doctors face! They just want to yank out our parts!