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I have a niece who has been diagnosed as having "Uveitis" in one eye. The Dr. has prescribed anti inflammatory drops, used every 2 hours for several weeks or more... Anti inflammatory shots into her eye is the next agenda... Any info on what this eye disease comes from and any natural remedies etc.. Thank you

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For so many eye issues such as this one, we have seen great results with our Bio Nativus Sensitive Eye Drops  along with Premier Research Labs OcuVen

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Herbal Eyebright (This formula promotes blood circulation to the eyes helping to repair damaged vessels, improve night vision, cleanse the tissues and bring antioxidants to the eyes. It contains Bilberry, Eyebright, Ginkgo and Cayenne)- As you read about this formula there is a story about a baby born without optic nerves. Dr. Christopher knew that giving sight to such a child was almost impossible. But he knew that the formula could cause no harm, so he recommended Herbal Eyebright in the eyes and given internally, and B&B tincture dropped in the ears and given internally. Six months later, the same couple brought the child to a lecture. He chased balls across the room and picked them up; he had normal sight. Hard to believe but... you never know! Hope you find this information helpful!