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Patient History Assessment

When a patient presents one or more symptoms to the practitioner, they are given the appropriate Sanesco test collection kit(s) to establish baseline levels. Each non-invasive urine and/or saliva test provides a convenient, at-home collection method that encourages patient compliance.

Urine testing follows an CLIA-approved technology developed by Sanesco’s scientific board . The patient mails the collected sample(s) to Sanesco in a pre-addressed, postage-paid box. Together with the patient’s symptoms, it is logged by Sanesco and forwarded to NeuroLab™ for processing.

Test results are sent to Sanesco, whose expert team of multi-disciplinary researchers and clinicians develops a recommended treatment protocol that takes into consideration the patient’s symptoms, the test results and the over 100 self-reported lifestyle, medication, supplementation, medical history factors. A copy of the test results is then forwarded to the practitioner together with Sanesco’s individualized interpretation and educational comments.

A key advantage of Sanesco’s functional assessment protocol is testing frequency. After an initial baseline is established, it is very important to regularly retest a patient’s neuronal and hormonal responses to measure changes that occur over time. Once therapy is initiated,the patient’s levels begin to shift; retesting allows the restoration of a patient’s health, a period that may last from three to nine months, depending on the individual and the severity of their symptoms.

When a patient’s symptoms are relieved and long-term health has been restored, annual or semi-annual testing is conducted to maintain the patient’s state of health and prevent the return of symptoms.

Baseline Laboratory Assessment


Sanesco’s CSM™ process begins with assessment of a patient’s neurotransmitter and adrenal hormone levels with a non invasive lab best. This first step is necessary to begin to fully understand your patient’s neuro-hormonal status. An initial test established a baseline, and helps reveal underlying imbalances that may contribute to the manifestation of symptoms.

Unlike traditional test and treat diagnostic models. Our laboratory assessment includes non-invasive serial testing that allows you to monitor changes in neuronal and hormonal responses over time, letting you make adjustments to a patient’s therapeutic protocol to achieve an optimal neuroendocrine balance and effective clinical outcomes.

Retesting for Neuroendocrine Optimization


One of the cornerstones of the CSM™ clinical model is retesting. Monitoring neurotransmitter and hormone levels throughout the rebalancing process is the most effective way of guiding individual therapy. The patient’s current response can be measured against previous results and symptoms, allowing for imbalances to be more adequately addressed.

Targeted Nutritional Therapy will be adjusted as results are viewed and compared. With each retest, the patient is moving closer to achieving HPA axis and symptom balance.

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