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Progest-E Instructions


If the weather is hot where you live, there is no need to worry about Progest E being affected by the heat during the shipping process. Progest E is very stable. Upon receipt, though it is not required, it is recommended to refrigerate the Progest E for the very best storage conditions, which will preserve its shelf life of 2 years. It is important to store Progest E out of direct light, which prevents product degradation. 

Our Progest E Oil is kept refrigerated at all times and sent out directly from the manufacturer. So you can be assured it is very fresh.

The resin used to make the bottle does not contain—BPAs, phthalates—or any other toxic chemicals listed for example under Proposition 65 in California or any other international toxics regulatory body.

If the bottle is too cold the drops won't be easy to measure, so estimate, or best let it warm up outside the refrigerator for 30 min or so. It is only necessary to refrigerate in hot or long term storage conditions.

The temperature of the solution when it is dispensed can make a difference, which is why we suggest removing it from the fridge (if you choose to refrigerate) about 30 minutes before use so it will be room temperature, and have consistency from day-to-day. The other factor is the amount of pressure applied - which can have a modest learning curve for individuals new to the product. If it is coming out in a stream, you are applying too much pressure to the bottle and doing so continuously. To get ‘drops’ try to use a quick pinch or squeeze and release action. There will still be a thin tail from the drop since oil has lower surface tension than water.

Progest E Oil Guidelines for Use:

You can change the dosage based on your needs. If it's your first time trying this product, we recommend you first put a few drops on your finger and then rub the Progest E on your gums and underneath the tongue. If your throat feels too sensitive to take it orally, you can also mix the Progest E with olive oil or coconut oil and rub it into fleshy parts of your body for a topical application. Though orally is the ideal way to use this product. 

The minimum maintenance dose of Progest-E oil is 3 small drops daily, usually from mid-cycle to menses. Women who have little to no symptoms at all can take this dosage. The more severe your symptoms, the more doses you need. It is recommended that nearly everyone should begin with the high dose directions for 10 days to avoid complications (as low thyroid, high estrogen situations require a high initial dose to avoid progesterone reverting to estrogen). For example, to relieve severe symptoms (hot flashes, menstrual pain, cramping, PMS, ovarian cysts, fibrocystic breast disease, high estrogen, etc.) take one dose (3 drops) five times daily for 10 days (or larger doses), then decrease to about 3 doses daily for 1-2 two weeks (can be longer as needed). Eventually, 1-2 doses for another few weeks or months as needed. Can continue using every day, or if you’re having a regular menses you can switch to a maintenance dose: one dose per day from mid-cycle to start of menses (usually about 14 days).

Progesterone is stored in the fat cells so not everyone will need continuous doses. You must decide from your symptoms and individual need. This product is taken orally. It is best to rub it around your gums and let it absorb, as opposed to just swallowing it. A drop will look like the size of a drop that comes out of a dropper. It is easiest to measure the drop at room temperature. When PGE is cold, it will come out in a large drop, so estimate it, the amount does not have to be perfect. Do not take progesterone while nursing.

Natural bioidentical progesterone is an anti-tumor hormone and will stimulate your body to make it. There are no known toxic side-effects from natural progesterone. An overdose produces anesthesia. If you choose to discontinue PGE, it is recommended that you wean yourself off it and not stop abruptly. Stopping too fast or if still needed can cause side-effects. Some get hot flashes in three months and some the next day. Balancing the body chemistry is the key. Progesterone protects against the toxic effects of estrogen. By estrogen, we mean any kind, be it what your body makes, or what you take - natural or synthetic estrogens, such as Estriol or Premarin, respectively, or environmental estrogens, xeno-estrogens, herbal sources, such as black cohosh ("Remifemin"), sage and other herbal sources of estrogen.

If you have a goiter, progesterone's stimulation of thyroid secretion may lead to transient hyperthyroidism. If so, it’s better to shrink the thyroid with thyroid glandular first, then progesterone will not cause this effect.

In women with cystic ovaries, progesterone in small doses can be converted to estrogen because the cyst is stuck in the follicular phase. This causes spotting or sore breasts. If this happens with a small dose of progesterone, it's a sign of cystic ovaries. Increasing the dosage of progesterone to 1/4 tsp. once and sometimes twice in one day is enough to reverse this situation. Thyroid supplementation is usually necessary as well.

One small drop of Progest-E oil contains about 3 milligrams of progesterone per 30 mg drop. Normally, the body produces 10 to 20 milligrams per day. A quantity of 3 or 4 drops usually brings the blood levels up to the normal range, but this dose can be repeated several times during the day if it is needed to control symptoms. Furthermore, one drop will include between 4-22mg of Vitamin E.

For general purposes, it is most economical and effective to take progesterone dissolved in vitamin E orally, for example taking a few drops on the lips and tongue, or rubbing it into the gums (it is good for the general health of the gums). These membranes are very thin, and the progesterone quickly enters the blood. When it is swallowed, the vitamin E allows it to be absorbed through the walls of the stomach and intestine, and it can be assimilated along with food, in the chylomicrons, permitting it to circulate in the blood to all of the organs before being processed by the liver.

For the topical treatment of sun damaged skin, or acne, wrinkles, etc., the oil can be applied directly to the affected area. For topical treatment of arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, or varicose veins, to speed absorption it is best to apply a few drops of olive oil to the area, and then rub the Progest-E into and around the affected area. Some of the progesterone will be absorbed systemically, but the highest concentration is sustained in the local area, helping to correct the problem.

Please consult your health practitioner if you have further questions or need individualized guidance.

Why not use Natural Progesterone Cream?

Most progesterone creams contain less than 0.1% of progesterone, barely enough to be effective, except for mild female problems. Lab analysis of a cream called "Progest" shows that it contains less than 0.1% progesterone. Even true 3% progesterone creams are not enough for most women, which is why we recommend Dr. Peat's 10% progesterone dissolved in natural vitamin E. Most progesterone products are suspended in synthetic vitamin E or even worse, toxic oils, such as soybean or corn oils. Some have parabens and other toxic ingredients. Only dissolved progesterone is useable by the human body.

Warning: Progesterone and Wild Yam (Dioscorea) are not the same. Do not confuse progesterone with unaltered wild yam (dioscorea). The human body cannot convert wild yam to progesterone. The body makes progesterone only from cholesterol. The conversion of wild yam to natural progesterone must be done in a chemical factory. So all "progesterone" products labeled "wild yam" (underived) are bogus. Unaltered wild yam, in sufficient amounts, is toxic.

Additional Information:

  • The size of the drops will vary depending on several factors for example, the amount of pressure applied squeezing the bottle, and the temperature of the solution (see additional information near the top of this doc).
  • Our standard reference “small drop” is a 30-40 mg drop, containing 3 mg of progesterone per drop. There are approximately 970 drops of that size in a 34 mL bottle, each containing about 3 mgs of progesterone.
  • A 60 mg drop contains 6 mg of progesterone and is probably a more common minimum amount to use. An unpopped kernel of popcorn looks the same size as a 60 mg drop of Progest-E and can be used as a reference for people who don’t have a scale for weighing small drops. There are approximately 560 drops weighing 60 mg in each 34 ml bottle.  
  • See all products sold by Long Natural Health specifically geared toward women's health & hormonal support.

Dispensing and Storage Tips:

Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures and natural light is known to reduce the shelf life of natural vitamin E.  To get the greatest benefit from the natural vitamin E in Progest-E, store the product refrigerated, or in a cool dark place.

Natural vitamin E is more viscous when cold. To facilitate dispensing drops when storing refrigerated, use the following procedure: With the cap on, put your bottle of Progest-E upside down in a juice glass in the fridge. Remove the glass containing the bottle of Progest-E from the fridge approximately 20-30 minutes before use. This allows the solution to get to room temperature and makes dispensing drops easier. Storing the bottle upside down also ensures that the solution is always in the dropper tip ready for use.  

**The vitamin E in the Progest-E Complex is derived from soy, yet many people with soy allergies have no problem with Progest-E because often an allergic reaction is a response to soy proteins.

There are no proteins in the oily fractions of the plant (such as vitamin E), which is a highly purified distillate. If you have a soy allergy, it is best to first test on a small area of the skin (ex: ankle).

The progesterone in Dr. Peat’s Progest-E Complex is USP.

These statements are not recommendations or advice from LNH or Timothy Long. They are based on the teachings of Dr Ray Peat and Dr Lita Lee his student. LNH suggests you do your own research and consult your health care practitioner. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this or any product. Keep out of the reach of children.