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Thyroid 130, 90 caps (OUT OF STOCK)

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Bio-Design’s Thyroid 130 – dietary supplement provides natural glandular thyroid nutrition and Support.  Our porcine free formulation supplies 130 mg per kosher capsule of dehydrated glandular thyroid tissue from free-range, grass-fed Argentinian bovine.

We are proud our Argentinian source because of the healthful, natural, and ethical ways they raise their livestock.  In addition, BSE is not known to exist in Argentina.

Used in Traditional Medicine on the principle that "like treats like”, natural glandular concentrates contain nutrients believed to be supportive to the corresponding human gland. 

Recommended use: For adults only. Take 1 capsule daily or as directed by your healthcare professional. 

Caution: Consult with your healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking prescription medication, or have a medical condition. Discontinue if you experience insomnia, heart palpitations, or abnormal nervousness. 

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