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Integrative Correlation Analysis

Correlation Analysis Clinical Report

At the heart of Sanesco’s clinical model is the expertise in HPA axis function as it relates to chronic symptoms. This expertise given in the patient-centered Correlation Analysis Report provides insight as to underlying factors contributing to the patient’s current condition and guides interpretation of patient risk factors and treatment options to support the clinician and patient seeking to achieve symptom resolution.

The Correlation Analysis Report is the product of a cyclical, interconnected flow of clinical intelligence. This integrated network of actionable information encompasses multidisciplinary experts and thousands of patient data-points enabling greater interoperability between Sanesco’s HPA axis function expertise, clinicians, and patients. The Medical and Scientific Advisory Board’s expertise in thousands of quantitative variables encompassing biomarkers, medications, supplements, demographics, lifestyle factors, and environmental impact through clinical observation and existing research are delivered via the Correlation Analysis. When given the required inputs on a specific patient, the Clinical Support Staff delivers targeted analytics and clinical decision support to the practitioner. Focused clinical decision support extends to understanding connections and interrelationships between neuro-hormonal nutraceutical treatments and all other variables of treatment, controlled and uncontrolled, medical and non-medical. This support facilitates the practitioner’s clinical application leveraging the clinical experience of the multi-disciplinary Medical and Scientific Advisory Board’s HPA axis function expertise.

All patient data created from new and existing patients referred to NeuroLab testing is accumulated in a bottom-up data pipeline. This cumulative data is accessed and analyzed by the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board for ongoing research and development to drive advancements of the clinical analytics and more tightly integrate and deliver decision support to the practitioner. The scientific approach taken by Sanesco and the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board to gathering, studying, and analyzing the critical data drives ongoing discoveries and dynamic innovations leading to developments of new predictive clinical intelligence, as well as innovations in the areas of biomarker development, nutraceutical treatments, and the relevant variable interrelationships for clinical decisions. Evolution of predictive modeling translates into new actionable clinical decision support that becomes output contained in the Correlation Analysis Report delivered to the health care practitioner. With clinical intelligence delivered back to the practitioner through Sanesco’s Correlation Analysis Report, clinicians can more effectively choose testing and therapeutics offered by Sanesco.