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pH Essentials Kit

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Vegan, Non GMO, Excipient Free
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pH Essentials Kit from Premier Research Labs is a 4-product essentials kit for whole body health, bone and mineral support containing:

Premier pH Minerals (2 fl oz)

pH minerals is a broad spectrum liquid concentrate of Utah's Great Salt Lake. It contains an electrochemically charged source of minerals obtained from Utah's Great Salt Lake water that naturally provides a good source of magnesium. Minerals are essential for good health although the body cannot produce them. Minerals must be consumed in the diet.

Premier Vitamin D3+K2 (30 capsules)

At a hefty 5,000 IU of D3 and 180 mcg. of K2 per capsule, Premier Vitamin D3+K2 contains an exclusive 100% vegan/ vegetarian friendly formula with both vitamin D3 and K2 present in clinically established dosages that promote cardiovascular and bone health. This supplement is the perfect choice for those who wish to significantly increase their vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 intake without consuming animal byproducts.

Cacium Magnesium Plus (90 capsules)

We have found that the most preferred source of alkalizing minerals in the world is Sango marine coral minerals: the key to supporting a perfect pH. Premier Research Lab’s Calcium Magnesium Plus provides legendary minerals to support the body’s beneficial alkaline pH for whole body health, including the bones, joints, teeth, and an alkaline pH. Now that is quite a list of health benefits! That’s because that is how important the body’s pH and mineral levels are.

Premier Fermented Greens Capsules (150 capsules)

Premier Fermented Greens is a spectacular nutritional industry first. Our product provides a convenient, gluten-free, 100% fermented plant blend with live prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic activity. Our prized, vegan-friendly superfood features four types of carefully air-dried greens: Fermented Organic Barley Grass, Fermented Organic Oat Grass, Fermented Organic Kale, and Fermented Organic Chlorella. This blend provides a full spectrum of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that help promote the natural alkalinity and pH of the body. This masterpiece of prebiotics is scientifically backed with the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri to supplement the intestinal microbiome and promote overall health and well-being.
With Probiotics, Prebiotics & Postbiotics

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this or any product. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Why Premier Research Labs Products?

pH Minerals 2 fl oz from Premier Research Labs contains the following:

  • Serving Size 1/2 Teaspoon (2.5 mL)
  • Servings Per Container 23
  • Magnesium 180 mg
  • Chloride 620 mg
  • Sodium 20 mg
  • Potassium 20 mg
  • Sulfate 30 mg
  • Sulfur 30 mg
  • Lithium 550 mcg
  • Boron 190 mcg

Other Ingredients: Ionic Trace Mineral Concentrate, 99% sodium removed

Recommended Use:

Take 1/2 teaspoon daily in 1 liter of juice or water. For those who are sensitive, dilute 1/4 tsp. in 2 liters of water. May also be taken in soups and foods. Due to the concentrated nature of these minerals, it is recommended that you do not take them undiluted.

Premier Vitamin D3 + K2 from Premier Research Labs contains the following:
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per: Container 30

Per Serving:

  • Vitamin D3 (as Vitashine®) 125mcg (5,000 IU)
  • Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone) 180mcg

Other Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Silica, Plant-Source Vitamin E (preservative), Plant-Source Capsule (cellulose, water)

Recommended Use: Take 1 capsule daily or as directed by a health professional.

Premier Calcium Magnesium Plus from Premier Research Labs contains the following:
Serving Size: 3 capsules
Servings Per Container: 30 or 100

Per Serving:

  • Calcium (from coral minerals) 360mg
  • Magnesium (from coral minerals) 180mg
  • pH MinUltra™ Marine Coral (Sustainably harvested) 1.5g
  • Coriolus TriBlend™: Organic Turkey Tails (mycelia, fruiting body, spore) (Coriolus versicolor), Lion's Mane (fruiting body) Extract (Hericium erinaceus), Reishi (fruiting body) Extract (Ganoderma licidum) 96mg

Other Ingredients: Organic Stabilized Jasmine Rice Bran, Plant-Source Capsules (cellulose, water)

Recommended Use: Take 3 capsules, once daily or as directed by a health professional.

Premier Fermented Greens Capsules from Premier Research Labs contains the following:
Serving Size: 5 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Per Serving:

  • Fermented Greens Blend: Organic Fermented Barley Grass (Hordeum vulgare), Organic Fermented Kale (leaf), Organic Fermented Oat Grass (Avena sativa), Organic Fermented Chlorella (whole; broken cell wall) (Chlorella sorokiniana), Organic Fermented Alfal­fa (herb) (Medicago sativa), Organic Fermented Cilantro (leaf) (Coriandrum sativum), Organic Fermented Spinach (leaf) (Spinacia oleracea) 975mg
  • Organic Rice Bran 155mg
  • Lactobacillus reuteri (0.525 Billion CFU1) 28mg

Other Ingredients: Plant-Source Capsules (cellulose, water), Micro Crystalline

Recommended Use: Take 5 capsules daily or as directed by a health professional. Please refrigerate after opening.

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